Keyword Careers Combined
With The Concepts of
Career Change And Purpose

Careers, Career Change, And Purpose

Focusing on the keyword careers, career change, and purpose, this website addresses questions that were asked of me by those in my sphere of influence in my role as a professional chaplain.

While most of us want answers about finding and fulfilling our purpose in life, the questions that my frustrated co-workers often asked were about best online colleges, consolidating student loans, and personal finance concerns.

Yet all of these have something to do with fulfilling God's purpose, thus prompting me to create a website focusing on How To Change Career Direction With Purpose.

Those with questions about changing careers continued to voice concerns about the importance of education, how to pay student loans, and even how to start an online business.

All were seeking answers vocational choices, often because they had experienced job loss and other employment frustrations.

Funding Your Education

The cost of getting a college degree is often overwhelming when considering a career change that requires another degree.  

My advice is to avoid college debt by finding as much financial aid that requires little or no payback.  

One of the problems with borrowing for education is that doing so robs you of the greatest component for building wealth, time.  Compound interest is amazing when you are on the receiving end and the best time to invest is when you are in your twenties.

Unfortunately paying student loans usually means you cannot invest. For more information check out Why fund the retirement of college administrators when you could fund your own retirement instead.

Paying College Student Loans A Big Concern

Government student loans consolidation has a big impact on career change. So many of those contemplating changing careers indicate that the financial pressures following college is impacted by their college financing choices.

For many a college student loan consolidation is their method to survive financially following college.

In addition to student loan consolidation concerns, readers often asked about best online colleges to attend, and because of my own ministry journey, how to become a chaplain.

These site visitors, seeking career change advice, prompted me to address career change from the perspective of purpose and focusing on the keyword careers.

I firmly believe that changing careers involves much more than just finding a new job or relocation when responding to a new employment opportunity.

Defining Purpose And Changing Careers

Your interest To change career direction and wanting to do so with purpose indicates that your career change decision is based upon a desire to live purposefully, and in doing so, you are committed to pleasing God in every area of life.

The concept of being purpose driven has impacted our world through the writings of Rick Warren, who authored the best selling book entitled The Purpose Driven Life.

While the term purpose driven has gained popularity through Warren's writings, the concepts of calling and fulfilling purpose are seen throughout Scripture.

Search For A New Career Based On
The Keyword Careers And Purpose

Greetings from San Diego, CA! I'm Chaplain Paul Slater.

By combining the keyword careers with the concept of a purpose driven life, this unique career focused site is written on purpose to those who believe that the greatest careers are those with purpose!

So much is involved in our career choices during these challenging times, with a greater emphasis on obtaining a college education, the soaring costs of getting an education, and the job crisis facing those seeking employment.

Choose A Career Based On Purpose,
Passion, and God Given Dreams

As you research employment opportunities, my challenge to you is that you do so from a spiritual perspective, that you purposefully explore changing careers in light of finding and doing God's will..

More than just gather information about job opportunities, approach your vocational calling from the perspective of Fulfilling God's Purpose.

As you examine various employment related options, let me encourage you to move outside any pre-conceived vocational boxes, thereby making your career exploration an adventure in discovering God's will for your life and vocation.

If you are considering a a totally new direction, you certainly are not alone in your pursuit. The number of people having thoughts about changing careers is far more than I realized.

For example, my own personal mid-life career change was prompted by a ministry career crisis, that while painful, launched me into employment opportunities far beyond my expectations.

While considered leaving ministry by some, in reality my career change adventure resulted in the discovery of new ministry opportunities:

  • First, a chaplain career in the healthcare field;
  • Second, this internet based ministry whereby I fulfill my purpose, helping people be all they can be by the grace of God.

A Guide For Changing Careers With Purpose

Just as the keyword careers and the concept of purpose has shaped the direction of this developing internet ministry, may your own purpose driven career adventure take you into new vistas as you follow God's leading.

As a Health Care Chaplain (now retired), I share out of my own life experience, helping those seeking advice about career change and purpose to re-discover the joy of ministry while exploring new possibilities for serving God.

Let me challenge you through this website ministry to. . .

  • Explore Expanding Ministry Opportunities In Faith Based Careers Leading To Solution Focused Ministry
  • Consider Teaching Career Opportunities In The Field of Education
  • Implement Career Change Strategies In The Healing Sphere of Health Care
  • Investigate Home Based Business Opportunities To Become A Self Employed Entrepreneur
  • Take Steps To Starting a Nonprofit Corporation or A For Profit Incorporation
  • Launch Internet-based Career Strategies Joining Internet Entrepreneurs Using Successful Affiliate Marketing Strategy
  • Explore The Challenging World of Personal Finance For Financial Services Career Change Opportunities
  • Discover Career Change Tools To Help You Change Careers Successfully

Onward with purpose!

Chaplain Paul Slater