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A Career With Purpose, Issue 7-- Become An Outstanding Writer
June 05, 2008

Become An Outstanding Writer

Becoming an outstanding writer seems to be what many aspire to these days. You might consider these steps to become an outstanding writer if you are an aspiring author.

I have discovered that many career changers want to become writers these days. And why not? Every one and their dog seems to have a story to tell.

Here are a few self publishing tools for becoming an outstanding writer that I have discovered, which may be of help to you if you too are searching for internet writing resources.

First of all is Associated Content, an internet based association of creative writers wanting to launch a free lance writing career. Check out some of my attempts on Associated Content to become an outstanding writer. Associated Content For Free-lance Writers

Another great writing resource to help you become an outstanding writer is Shaun Fawcett's How To Write A How To Book, based on several self publishing successes.

By the way, Shaun was recently featured after becoming an outstanding writer and internet marketing success, where he is Featured Case Study number 4.

To see how this bureaucrat turned to the Internet and developed writer focused websites, just click on "last shot at financial and career freedom."

By the way, if you need ebook writing software check out this inexpensive writing software product, eWriter Pro.

So if becoming an outstanding writer is what you aspire to do, just avail yourself to these writing resources to become an outstanding writer and you too just might be a featured outstanding writer.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

Helping you plan a purposeful future . . .

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