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A Career With Purpose - Career Change Ideas For 2012
December 28, 2011

Career Change Ideas In The Coming New Year

Career Change Ideas For A New Year

As we wrap up another year, career change could certainly be the foremost thought that many are entertaining during this time of economic uncertainty.

Now I am not sure why this thought process is referred to as entertaining thoughts because when it comes to thinking about changing careers, the last thing I would say about it is that it is entertaining.

College Students Exploring Career Possibilities

In the last few months we have enjoyed hosting Bible Study for college students in our home. (Quite a mental picture, college students attending a Bible Study in a senior mobile home park.)

One of the recurring topics of discussion by these college students is career plans. As my wife and I think back to our college days, it seems to us the whole process of career planning is a whole lot more complicated for the students of today.

For one thing, the career possibilities have increased, providing far more choices. I owe that to the proliferation of careers impacted by computers. And to be more specific, the continued development of the internet and social media. I have even noticed job opportunities for social media specialists, one of those new careers evolving with the times.

Focusing On Careers With Purpose

Even with the development of new employment categories, one aspect of career planning that I continue to focus upon is establishing your purpose first.

Defining purpose continues to be the distinctive difference of this career change focused website, even before exploring career options.

By the way, I include myself in this purpose defining process as I am in the first year of receiving Social Security. Just because I am now in my retirement years does not mean fulfilling God's purpose for my life is no longer relevant.

In fact, purposeful career choice now includes using the internet to fulfill my purpose in ministry is even more important to me than ever. To see how I intend to do so through internet publishing strategies, click on

Retirement Income Strategy

Being An Online Publisher

Recently my wife asked me what I saw as my retirement career strategy. I told her I was an Internet Publisher, which is how I supplement my ministry income. While I praise God I have been able to earn close to $25,000 through my websites the past 2 years* (*corrected from 1 year to 2), I need to make some big changes in my online businesses in restructuring my websites.

Google is of course a great search engine but they have had to make some adjustments in their search process due to so many websites that are copies of other websites.

Fortunately SBI, my website business platform is releasing a new web building program that will help me clean up my site and make it relevant to the current employment market.

May God Bless This New Year!

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

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