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A Career With Purpose, Issue 3 -- Exploring Career Change Opportunities
March 18, 2007

Let's make it personal regarding career change opportunities, new career options, and career coaching

Exploring career change opportunities: when many are thinking of changing to a new career, I am considering career coaching as a new career option.

Recently I wrote an article entitled New Career Options For Pastors: Exploring Career Opportunities For Ministry Careers.

My basic question was this: Career Options for pastors . . . is it possible to change careers without leaving the ministry?

And from my healthcare chaplain perspective you would expect me to say "Yes!"

There are several reasons for such a positive answer to this emotionally charged question about career change opportunities and new career options.

For me personally, I have been challenged to explore career coaching as ministry career option. I am already offering career coaching to those in my world. Career change coaching would not be a new career as much as a new focus in my career.

For example, in my present ministry career role, I continually provide career coaching to those in ministry careers and healthcare careers.

For years I have encouraged pastors considering career change to see career change opportunities as expanding ministry career options rather than leaving the ministry.

Now I am not advocating an anti-local-church rebellion. Not at all, for the local church is really the only church the New Testament speaks of.

But ministry is so much wider than the four walls of a building and I would challenge local churches to embrace unique and beyond-the-walls ministry opportunities.

I had the opportunity to speak to a college class of aspiring ministers at Point Loma Nazarene University, doing so from the position of a career coach.

Most of these college students would say they feel called to ministry. For most, that means a pastoral career serving a local parish.

I made a statement to the class that set off quite a discussion. I said "If not serving a local congregation, a pastor who chooses to explore new career Options is often said to be leaving ministry or in church lingo, leaving the ministry".

Yet I do believe that for some, changing careers can infuse new energy and passion into ministry as well as more effectiveness in fulfilling their purpose in life.

For example, I have discovered that one way to expand ministry is through ministry focused websites. My faith based websites are visited by thousands of people from around the world each month, enabling me to share a positive message to those experiencing career frustrations.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

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