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A Career With Purpose - Questions We Ask When Career Change Unplanned
January 04, 2011

Career Change Questions - Faith In Career Change - Career Change Adventure

Happy New Year! Quite a greeting but will happiness be true for you and me as we deal with career change?

Faith and Purpose are Key to Purposeful Career Change

If you were to explore the articles I write to encourage those considering career change, you would notice that Faith and Purpose permeate my writings. Go to Latest Career Articles.

As we enter into a new year, I want to explore the unplanned career change, totally unexpected or invited.

Career Change Questions

I have discovered that for many, a change of career was not a personal choice that was made willfully. For many of us, changing our career was imposed upon us. But that does not mean our unexpected change of careers is without purpose.

Here is my story about an unexpected career change. It was about a year and half ago that I was let go from my chaplaincy position.

The terms used to terminate an employee's services are very unique here in the USA and may not used in other countries. Usually we say "I was fired" but that could generate all kinds of images in the minds of those unfamiliar with that phrase.

More important is the attitude and mindset of a person when being unemployed is their new career status.

Years ago I read that there are three questions a person often asks when experiencing difficulties and tough times, and that includes being unemployed for whatever reason.

Faith In Career Change

These three questions have everything to do with your personal faith in career change.

1. Why? Why did this happen? As a chaplain, many have asked me to explain why did God let this happen. Well, we can ask Why all we want but there will never really be an adequate answer.

The biggest problem I see with asking "Why?" is we are facing the wrong direction, backward. Faith means we turn around and face the future. Asking Why? is not an ingredient of faith.

2. What If? is another common question we ask in tough times. Like the "Why" question, this one is not productive either for this simple reason: the answers to that question are what we might call "fantasy".

"What if I had. . . ." Even if you arrive at some answers, they are not based on reality. Faith deals with what is real, in the here and now.

3. What Now? Yes, this is the question of faith as we stand in the present facing the future. Best of all, there is usually the element of risk but where there is risk there is adventure.

Career Change Adventure

The What Now? Mindset frees God to act in our behalf. Asking What Now? has the element of anticipation that God is guiding, intervening, and just may have a miracle or two for us as we embrace the future.

By the way, the "What Now? Career Adventure" includes the opportunity to either discover God's purpose for our career and life or to re-affirm that purpose.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

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