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A Career With Purpose, Issue 4-- Opening Your Eyes To Career Change Possibilities
June 26, 2007

Career Change Possibilities To Those Feeling Stuck

If you have never felt the urge to explore other career options, you will at some time in the future.

Most who have visited my website know that it came about because of my concern for pastors who come to the place in their ministry career where feel like "quitting the ministry".

But my world as a healthcare chaplain is full of people who feel stuck in their particular career, whether a nursing career or social work career.

Recently a social worker came to me totally frustrated in her new job assignment. She had worked less than a month and already felt stuck.

After exploring other career options, she realized her passion was still journalism, a career she had left to get her masters in social work.

Be Proactive And Explore Career Opportunities

The internet has made it possible to explore career opportunities not available to previous generations.

Careers you have never even heard of may be intriguing to you if you knew they existed.

Recently I put together a website to show the tremendous career resources offered by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Check out Career Focused Information to see the multiple career options that exist for those feeling stuck in their career.

By the way, concerning pastors said to quit ministry. If my own career as a pastor is an example of someone quitting ministry, nothing could be farther from the truth.

I changed my ministry assignment to take place beyond the four walls of the church building. By doing so, I am discovering greater fulfillment in ministry as a healthcare chaplain.

While my career choice is another form of pastoral ministry, I believe that any career that meets the needs of people is a way to expand one's ministry.

Exciting days exist for those who see their career choice as a backdrop for reaching hurting people with the positive message of God's amazing grace and love.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

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