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A Career With Purpose, Issue 2 -- How To Find Your Dream Career
December 31, 2005

How To Find Your Dream Career Seems To Be On The Minds Of People Thinking Change Career Thoughts

How to find your dream career seems to be on the minds of people thinking change career thoughts as people reflect on 2005 and anticipate 2006.

I decided to address this career change pursuit. How? Find your dream career became the topic of several articles as well as blogs this last month.

But were people in my world considering change career strategies? Would they ever type into their search engine "how to find your dream career"?

Whether shortening the phrase to "how find your dream career" or placing that extra word by typing in "how to find your dream career", many seem to be looking for a dream career.

Determining Your Dream Career

Discovering just what your dream career is should begin by determining whether your dream career exists. I have discovered that How you find your dream career begins with defining your purpose in life.

Doing a search on how to find your dream career often proves difficult or even impossible because the term "dream" has so many variables. The key to those variables is to understand God's purpose for your life as well as your career.

The Pursuit Of A Perfect Career

Dream career for some refers to a perfect job, one without employment problems or job stress pressures. Sorry to disappoint you, but such a career choice simply does not exist.

Every meaningful career that exists will have difficult people to deal with or troubling aspects to address.

Careers Exist Because of Problems To Solve

Jobs or careers exist simple because there are difficult problems or difficult people. Careers evolve out of providing solutions to the problems people have.

For example, ignorance and lack of knowledge are what prompt educational careers. My wife considers her job as a preschool director at a university lab preschool to be her dream career.

As for my decision to pursue a professional chaplain career, the need for inner spiritual resources to face death and dealing with pain are the problems necessitating my career as a healthcare chaplain.

Questions on How To Find Your Dream Career Prompted This Change Career Website

Even my decision to pursue a website chaplaincy career evolved out of my purpose -- to help people be all they can be by the grace of God. Specifically for me, my dream career to launch this Change Career With Purpose website, came about because of my desire to help pastors leaving ministry.

I discovered that because of pastor burnout, there are a reported 1500 pastors leaving pastoral ministry assignments each month. I felt compelled to address this need through a website ministry.

That desire to address the problem of pastors leaving ministry led me to another dream career discovery -- being an internet chaplain. Click on How To Find Your Dream Career to see what prompted me to launch this website and opened up a new chaplaincy career concept, that of an internet chaplain.

Have a very purposeful and prosperous new year,

Chaplain Paul Slater

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