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A Career With Purpose - Selling On Amazon Strategy
November 16, 2017

Selling On Amazon Strategy

Amazon Selling Variations

Over the years, Amazon has certainly been recognized as the giant of all shopping marketplaces on the internet. What may be surprising to many is that while Amazon is certainly the dominant seller, the Amazon platform is used my thousands of small (and large) businesses who market their products on the world's most dominant market place.

How Does One Learn to Sell On Amazon?

I have seen various training courses offering to teach perspective internet merchants that cost several thousand dollars, usually emphasizing importing products from China.

Fortunately my meager finances blocked me from these slick promotions. Only one person has consistently promoted a common-sense selling strategy and that is

Jim Cockrum and his Proven Amazon Course

I would encourage you to explore the many variations in Jim's approach to selling on what some refer to the Azon selling platform.

Why Sell Products On Amazon?

Of course many would say to earn income online. While that is exactly what Jim has taught over 40,000 internet entrepreneurs to do, the motivation for Jim and many others including me is to create an income stream to support ministry and world missions!

If you are wondering if it is possible to fund ministry, I would encourage you to at least explore the Proven Course Approach.

You will discover common folk like you and me in a community of merchants who have tapped Amazon as a resource for ministry building income and are willing to share with one another what works.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

Proven Amazon Course PAC

Oh yes! I am required by law to state that should you click on any links to services and products in this newsletter or on my career change website, I may receive a commission should you purchase anything that is linked to. I call that the "genius of internet marketing"!

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