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A Career With Purpose, Issue 6-- Share Pastor Appreciation Ideas
October 14, 2007

Share Your Pastor Appreciation Ideas

Needed: Pastor Appreciation Ideas

I need your help in creating content for this career focused website as well as another that was spawned off this site,

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. What I need is pastor appreciation ideas from you, the reader. If you would like to submit articles or stories focusing on the pastor appreciation theme, below are the specific areas of needed content.

Sharing Your Pastor Appreciation Day Celebration May Help Others Plan Their Pastor Appreciation Service

I need your contributions about how you made Pastor Appreciation Day a success for your church.

You can do so by clicking on Share Your Pastor Appreciation Day Celebration Story

Remember that your pastor appreciation day celebration story is a way to provide creative pastor appreciation ideas to other churches.

Think of telling us about your successful event as your gift to other churches and ultimately to faithful pastors serving in churches around the world.

You might view it as your pastor appreciation gift, one that provides pastor encouraging ideas to others who are searching for ways to honor pastors.

In Need Of Pastor Appreciation Poems

So far I still need pastor appreciation poetry entries.

I make this confession on my website focused on appreciation for the pastor: Personally I have never considered myself creative enough to write poetry.

Since I began developing the pastor appreciation theme on this website focused on career change, I decided to create a website focused on pastor appreciation.

What I discovered is that while poems expressing appreciation to the pastor are a popular web search, I have not done well in delivering poetry expressing pastor appreciation.

If you are a creative poet, would you share Pastor Appreciation Poetry with those who are searching for pastor appreciation poems.

Readers Share Pastor Appreciation Gift Ideas To Honor Pastors

Share Your Pastor Appreciation Gift Ideas

When I recently asked "Would you Share your Pastor Appreciation Gift Ideas?", several readers did so. They took time to tell how they honored their pastor by giving a special appreciation gift.

Let me urge you to take this opportunity to creatively communicate how you made Pastor Appreciation Month successful through your appreciation gift ideas.

Of course my hope is that by sharing your gift giving idea, you may prompt other churches to remember to pay tribute to their pastor.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

Helping you plan a purposeful future . . .

Pastor Appreciation Ideas and Resources:

Create A Website To Fund A Ministry, Start A Business, or Share Your Life Passion:

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