Accredited Online Colleges -
Why You Should Care About Accreditation

Accredited Online Colleges And
The Importance of Accreditation

Accredited online colleges seem to be everywhere we look, especially when it comes to advertising.  Yet you must make sure the institution you are choosing is properly accredited. 

Accreditation of colleges and universities is often just assumed by students when they apply to their chosen institution of higher education, whether campus based or online.

Accredited online colleges need to be scrutinized too when you make your career change decision.

Meeting educational standards is as crucial for online college as it is for a campus based university.

Once again I saw a newcast report on a non-accredited university that was ripping off foreign students who just assumed the institution had met the accreditation standards required.

Understanding The Need
For Accreditation

How important is it that colleges and universities be accredited when you are changing careers?

Just assuming a specific college has received proper standing is dangerous to career change plans and making such an assumption has proven unwise for many.

Of course, the news report I saw interviewed students who put their trust and money into a particular non-accredited college. 

Yet, even though the school seems to be scamming their student, nothing has been done to stop them. 

In this particular case, the students were  victims not only of the unscrupulous people running these educational scams, but of the governmental oversight organizations charged to make sure of their standing as properly accredited.

Lying About Your Transcript
From An Accredited University

In recent years even CEO's of major businesses have lost their jobs by enhancing their resumes, often in an attempt to hide facts about their educational pursuits or that they attended an accredited college or university.

The legitimacy of their degree, whether online or campus based, could be suspect so they either lied about where they attended or the degree they received.

Making a good choice up front of where you will pursue your education is a great way to avoid such temptation to lie on your resume.

Now let me be clear that both online and campus based colleges should be investigated as the story below reveals.

Universities Can Lie About Accreditation Too

Unfortunately, as the above newscast revealed, there will be those who just accept that proper accredited online college status has been granted to the specific institution they are investigating, whether online or campus based.

I was reminded of a medical student with a God-given calling to be doctor. Yet his calling did not protect him from a very unwise decision regarding a non-accredited medical school.

Medical School Accreditation Assumptions

This story about a medical student reveals how easy it is to make this college choice mistake.

One of the heartbreaking letters I received a few years back was from a pre-med student writing that he was returning home after a year of study at what he assumed was an accredited medical school.

He had attended college on campus, at a specific location in another country. Yet it is just as easy to assume online colleges have passed the requirements needed, unless you investigate their status carefully.

College Students Are Consumers
Of An Educational Product

It is time to face up to the fact that education is BIG business offering a product to their consumers, their students.

Even if the institutions themselves avoid such a classification, the customer of a college education must do so for their own protection. See higher education for what it is -- an industry that provides a product to consumers.

Colleges being accredited is an attempt to protect consumers of the educational products offered on campus as well as online. What is it we need to understand about the accrediting process?

This universal truth for consumers of any product: Let the buyer of education beware! Investigate, compare, be willing to choose another, better, educational product. Why?

With the proliferation of online college education programs, I can imagine that there are non-accredited online colleges offering substandard education, especially vocational training programs.

Accrediting educational institutions insures those attending, whether on site or through their distance learning program, are confident that their hard work in gaining an education is from a reputable institution of higher education that has met acceptable standards.

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