From Adsense Google Money
To Better Online Income Opportunities

Beyond Adsense Google Money

Adsense Google Money - At one time that was the key method used to make passive income but now there are more lucrative approaches  to online income opportunities. 

Now Like many, I am now convinced there are better ways of earning online income than Google Adsense. 

Selling on Amazon is just one of these superior methods that the little man or woman can launch an online business. No one explains it better than Jim Cockrum in his Proven Amazon Course.

A New Google Adsense Secret Discovered

While Adsense Advertising on my websites provided me extra ministry income, I eventually learned that Google's advertising program had another secret for me: Adsense income dried up and went from thousands per month to very little online income.

Because Adsense earnings for many of us have dried up significantly we are now realizing there are better ways to make more income than through Google Adsense. 

While I will use Adsense earning strategies on some of my websites, I am turning to Amazon for producing extra retirement income. 

One of the neat discoveries I made about some of my ancestors was that they were merchants. An even neater discovery I made is that they sold their merchandise to support ministry endeavors.  

I see selling on Amazon as a better direction for me to take in my retirement years as a retired pastor. Supporting ourselves as we support ministries is what many others are doing who are following the strategies laid out in  Proven Amazon Course.

Income Creation Techniques To Consider

Cockrum's product creation techniques have enabled him to support several ministries and have also created an income stream for many who are serving in ministry.

Not only did Jim develop a lucrative Amazon business, he brought together a team of common people like you and me who had been successful in their own Amazon business ventures. Together they produced this course to share how others too could produce income on the Amazon platform. 

Recently my brother-in-law told me how a retired pastor was able to earn an income from his Amazon sales program, enabling him to serve as an interim pastor to churches that were in between pastors.

So if you want to learn how selling on Amazon could provide you an income for supporting your ministry efforts, check out Proven Amazon Course.