Alaskan Cruise Vacation Package Sparks Travel Journal Idea

Alaskan Anniversary Cruise

After the first full day of our anniversary cruise to Alaska, I considered how I could use the Alaska cruise adventure to create travel focused products such as a trip journal or even a new website detailing the phenomenal beauty of Alaska.

We traveled aboard the Holland America cruise ship, the ms Amsterdam.

As I wrote in my Alaskan travel journal several of my vacation reflections and observations, I realized they could become website page entries on more than this career focused website.

Writing a book has always been a latent dream of mine and so I launched into exploring  how best to do so.

Meanwhile, back to our family cruise vacation to Alaska,  it became clear why several cruise vacationers Launch A Travel Based Website.

Alaskan Cruise Vacation Sparked A Travel Focused Book Idea

The first reason a family cruise vacation prompted me explore a travel focused journal or travel based website was that there was so much original travel related material draw from.

Sharing travel related information on a travel focused journal or website  would be a natural expression of any traveler's personal creativity.

Not only that but either of these travel focused products could create an income stream financing future cruise vacations. Remember that these ideas were prompted by the very first cruise vacation  of our lives.

Some of you reading this article could launch a travel focused website simply because you have traveled so extensively. You have boatloads of travel focused photos and content to share featuring the cruise vacation packages you have enjoyed.

Funding Ideas For Travel Based Products 

Another reason for  start a cruise focused website is that there are so many potential travel income streams (these are called internet affiliate programs for those of you new to the websites as a career concept).

What that means is that travel industry companies are willing to pay website owners for advertising their travel related products on websites that are travel focused.

Opinions Are Strong As To Best Cruise Line

For example, there were 10 in our family group who joined us on our family Alaskan cruise and they certainly had strong opinions as to which cruise line serving Alaska was the best as to cruise ship service quality. All through the trip they often shared comments comparing their previous cruise experiences to our trip to Alaska.

What that means is that travelers are very passionate about their cruise company choices.

What Would You Say Is The Best Alaskan Cruise Line?

So if you have taken an Alaska cruise vacation or had your travel agent put together an Alaska vacation package, you too probably have an opinion as the best cruise line for taking an Alaskan cruise vacation.

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