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Question Concerning Banking Employment Career Change

This question comes from someone working in the financial services industry, banking to be specific.

He states that he is currently employed full time at a local bank.

So while presently employed in the banking field, he states that he had previously been an Associate Pastor of an inner city church.

Banking Career Change Interest

He has recently become interested in returning to ministry career employment, specifically in becoming a chaplain.

Changing from a bank position that presently provides a full time income to pursuing the education needed for becoming a chaplain, he asks:

Because I am presently the only financial support for my family, I want to know if chaplain career candidates have any way to obtain the Clinical Pastoral Education credential while still working in a full time job?

Chaplain Paul's Suggestion

As to online CPE opportunities, I would start with Christian College as a resource for information.

A great resource for a debt free Christian College Education can be found at:
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Many Christian colleges and universities either have contact with CPE programs in their area or perhaps have even partnered with clinical pastoral education centers.

Accredited Online Colleges

Again, let me encourage you to check out the following links to accredited online college resources:

Christian College Education Cheaper And Faster

College Online At Christian Universities

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