Basket Case Church Sign Message


Christian Psychologist Offers

" Christian Counseling Resources For When Life Overwhelms Us"

(Professional Christian counseling can help when life's problems are overwhelming. )

Christian Counseling Has Helped Many Become Emotionally Healthy

Below is a church sign saying that was submitted anonymously yet reveals that we are all very needy people who need God's help emotionally and mentally.

You need to remember the Bible story about Moses as a baby was hid in a basket to get the gist of this church sign saying:

It's OK, Moses was a basket case too!

Christian Counseling and Basket Case Origins

Ever wonder why the term basket case refers to those who are "losing it" emotionally or mentally. My guess is that refers to how mentally unstable people were transported when judged mentally unstable.

The Story of Moses

Of course, the key to understanding the sign above is remembering that Moses was saved from being killed as a baby.

His mother put him into a basket to save him from Pharaoh, one of the great Bible Stories of God's deliverance and protection.

Life Is Often Difficult

The double meaning of basket case helps us understand its intended message.

Now there could be some who would want to protect Moses from being referred to as a "basket case" as we use it today, that is, as a reference to mentally unstable or emotionally explosive people.

Emotionally fragile people like you and me who may need Christian Counseling because we too are "basket cases".

Let's face it that Moses did have an anger problem that God helped him with, after he actually killed someone. In fact, his anger often got him into trouble with others.

That is the message of Moses life -- that God can use us even with our human baggage of problems, to impact our world for good.

Thus the meaning to this message is that God can help us even when emotionally fragile and in need of Christian Counseling.

Thank God for Christian Psychologists and Professional Counselors.

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