Become A Life Coach,
Offer Life Coach Courses

Become A Life Coach Is Great Advice

Yes, I fully intended to become a life coach.  So getting Domain hosting and registering a web domain were some of the first steps I took in my anticipated career choice.

The challenge given to me was that through a personal coaching business, I could offer life coaching courses as well as career change coaching as key parts of a career focused website.

Starting A Coaching Business

After reading 48 Days to the Job You Love by Dan Miller, I considered coaching as a business, especially for people like me, pastors changing careers. 

In fact, it was a 48 Days advertisement about becoming a life coach that caught my attention and caused me to research what starting a coaching business was all about. 

Offer Coach Training Courses

Offer life coaching courses and internet based information products as a career coach.  There are many web-based  training programs that have resulted in lucrative coaching businesses.

I have discovered that there are many life-related coaching opportunities and the resources available for life and career coaches are in abundant supply as well.

  • Career Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Health Coaching
  • Spiritual Life Coaching
  • Personal Finance Coaches, and even
  • Self-publishing coach resources.

I noticed there were two distinct concepts presented. The first  approach was that I become a life coach, beginning a coaching business.

A second approach was that I offer training in the life coach field to others who also have an interest in becoming a life coach.

Explore Becoming A Life Coach
As A Career Opportunity

While becoming a life coach may be a career change option to consider, many, whether thinking of becoming a life coach or not, are already life coaches as well as career coaches in practice.

I have discovered that when people feel called to their chosen career, they have a passion to promote their personal career choice. What happens when they become a life coach is they make a business out of what they are already doing.

Of course, to enter into the business of life coaching requires taking life coach courses to learn the business of life coaching. 

Career Change and Burnout

I have chosen to not develop a life coaching business at this time, choosing rather to become a life coach resource, offering necessary coaching resources for those who do start their own coaching practice.

It was after becoming a chaplain that I launched this Change Career With Purpose website. I did so because I was constantly asked about how to find the next vocational choice by those who felt stuck in their careers, many experiencing career burnout or by those who had already experienced job related burnout.

I am now retired from full time pastoral ministry and the questions about how to change careers keep coming my way.  

For that reason, my next step is to create a list of coaching resources to help those launching a coaching business and/or ministry. For now, you will just have to wait for me to do so.

You see, I have been asked join the staff at my church and am now far too busy as facility administrator and pastor to senior adults to complete the task of sharing resources.