Become Self-Employed - Finding Self-Employment Opportunities When Reinventing Yourself

How To Become Self-Employed

Become self-employed was my immediate thought when someone I had just met told me "I'm Reinventing Myself".

Exactly what I would expect from someone who is actually searching for self-employment opportunities rather than just looking for a job.

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Great Response To An Awkward Employment Question

Now let's get back to the self re-inventor and pick up our conversation. Interesting comment, to say "I'm in the process of reinventing myself".

Dan's reply was in response to to the question people usually ask when first meeting.

You know the question -- "So what do you do?".  Notice that the topic of the question is automatically assumed on both sides of conversation when that question is asked -- career wise, your job, where you work.

Unemployment Frustrations and
Self-Employment Opportunities

Self-employment is a natural step for those of us who have been or are presently  unemployed from our previous career assignment.

Let's face it, I find it a very awkward situation to be in when asked about my present employment status.  You know the question I am referring to if you have had to come up with an adequate answer when we are asked "So, What do you do?".

If I say, "I'm not working right now" it sounds as if I am lazy.  Of course, the truth is that trying to find work is hard work!

Another answer to the whatta-ya-do question that never seems adequate is to just say honestly "I was laid off" or to say it more bluntly, "I got fired!".

Now this answer is easier if you were one of 100 or 750 who experienced the same pink slip fate.

But if you were just one of one being let go, saying "I was fired" carries some negative baggage with it. While that may be true, it always invites those of us presently unemployed to sound defensive.

It seems there is always this awkward unspoken "What's wrong with you?" question we hear loud and clear. 

In recent years though, unemployment is close to 10% nationally and much higher in many areas or segments of society here in the US at the time of this writing.

Yet few are thinking of self-employment ideas as they transition from employed to unemployed status.

Becoming self-employed just may be the best employment decision you  ever made.

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