Believing Church Sign Saying

by Ricky Mullins from Somerset, KY
(Outdoor Church Signs - Clarity of Church Sign Message)

What Do You Think This Outdoor Church Sign Message Says?

Often outdoor church signs have messages that may be not be clear to the reader. Ricky submitted a church sigh saying that he thinks is on believing.



Thanks, Ricky, for revealing that sometimes outdoor church signs may confuse rather than inspire readers. Please understand that Ricky is just reporting on what he saw on a church sign.

What I am trying to figure out is just what spiritual truth is being conveyed.

Church Sign Sayings Prompt Questions

I suppose that asking a question like "Do you really believe what you believe is really real?" could be a tool to prompt the reader to ask "I wonder what that means?".

Another strategy to helping people know the truth from God's perspective is to give Bibles to them. Again, here is a link to order Outreach Bibles so you can Share God's Word To Help People Define Their Beliefs

Believing Message Calls For Exploring Beliefs

Perhaps the intent was to prompt the reader to explore the basis of one's personal belief system. If so it offers the reader the challenge to validate what they believe as to the reality of those beliefs in light of God's Word.

That's my take on this specific church sign saying on believing.

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