Best College Choice - Best Career Choice

by Max and Marcy
(The Land Of Indecision)

Best College To Attend, Best Career Choice

Best College To Attend, Best Career Choice

College And Career Choices Important

Just how important are individual choices? The signs that loom above our church are often focused on College and Career choices.

For those wondering what the best college is that they should attend or of all the career choices, which career is the best choice for me, this quote captured my attention.

"You Are Always One Choice Away From Changing Your Life!"

Inspirational Book About Choosing Well

That statement attributed to Marcy Blochowiak prompted Mac Anderson to expand it into a powerful, inspirational book on just how important a single choice can be.

There are a lot of people making life changing choices all around us.

  • High school graduates choosing which college to attend;

  • College graduates faced with several career options who need to make a decision;

  • Someone facing a career change but uncertain as to which career to enter.

One Choice: "You're always one choice away from changing your life"

So, taking Marcy Blochowiak's quote, "You are always one choice away from changing your life," Mac wrote One Choice.

Here is the key question he asks of each of us as we face the challenges of life: "Are you sitting on the fence of indecision awaiting the courage to take action?"

Yes, choices are important and we are all living out the results of key choices made by our parents and all our ancestors who lived before us. So it is that our choices will impact those who follow after us.

One Choice Is A Great Gift For Those Facing Key Decisions In Life.

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