Business Schools And Career Change

by Business School Candidate
(Upwardly Mobile Professional )

Business Schools And Traffic

One specific business school, the University of Phoenix, takes advantage of the large billboard sign that looms large over our parking lot.

Strategically placed next to the freeway, the University of Phoenix aims their message at business people.

They know that there is lots of traffic looking at that sign, many who are professionals on their way to work, many looking for a career change or job advancement.

Business School Advertises In A Church Parking Lot

Many attending our church are professionals already having their bachelor degree.

So this is the advertisement they are confronted with as of the writing of this article:

A Business School That Prepares You For Monday, Not Someday!

MBA Degree Is The Focus

A Masters In Business Administration would be a good fit for those seeing this particular sign.

Whether driving by on the freeway or driving up to it in the parking lot, my guess is that a business school ad would reach upwardly mobile professionals.

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