Career Change For Pastors May Actually Expand Your Ministry

A New Look At Career Change For Pastors

When it comes to career change for pastors, I believe that by doing so will often result in an expanded ministry.  Yes, in the past, changing careers as a pastor was unfortunately referred to as leaving the ministry.

I wish I would have understood how starting my own business would have expanded my purpose in helping people be all they can be through the grace of God.  Of course, now I recommend CorpNetĀ®. (Click to see the Business Checklist for starting a business or nonprofit)

For me, chaplaincy was one of many career opportunities for the pastor who was considering a career change.  But there are so many more career opportunities for pastors, and now the internet has opened up new opportunities to serve God in some very exciting ways.

A New Career Working For Yourself

Explore the concept of forming your own corporation, even your own non-profit or LCC (A Limited Liability Corporation).  Confused by all these options?  I sure was.

Again, check out Corpnet below to determine what would be best for you and clear up any confusion you have regarding the right business structure for your new business venture.

CorpNet is the Fastest Way to Incorporate your Business

Ministry Careers Beyond The Local Church

If not serving a local congregation, pastors who chose to work in other fields were often referred to as leaving the ministry.

While ministry within the church is important, it certainly not the only setting for serving God.  And now the internet has opened up tremendous ministry opportunities, such as through websites like this one.

What is exciting to me is that pastor need not leave their ministry assignment to have a worldwide influence.

Yet should they do so, ministry opportunities for pastors through Christian non-profit organizations or para-church organizations have truly expanded ministry.

Career Possibilities For Those
Said To Be Leaving The Ministry

Think in terms of the function of ministry rather than positions of ministry. Yes, the job titles we are given may change yet there is no leaving when it comes to serving God as we meet the needs of people.

What about writing books as a way to minister to the needs of people? Self-published pastors are impacting their world through Amazon Kindle as well as selling their books on Amazon.

I recently helped retired missionary and pastor Larry J. Webb write his first book, Hope for Wounded Warriors. 

Check it out at as an example of how you too could write with purpose, expanding your ministry through writing, just like the Apostle Paul did in the first century.