A Career Change For Teachers

A Career Change For Teachers May Mean An Online Masters Degree

When considering career change, teachers frustrated in the education field may find that a masters degree online renews their love for teaching.

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Changing careers for the frustrated teacher could lead that same educator into a new and purposeful educational career -- but in a variation of the very field of education they are presently serving!

Becoming A Teacher

First let me say that becoming a teacher has always been my wife's desire. To her and for many teachers, teaching is a calling. So for her to consider the idea of a career change for teachers just did not enter her mind. 

Her teaching career not only provided great fulfillment in her job as a teacher, it has paid the bills as I pursued my personal ministry career.

One thing I have discovered is that teachers are learners. Education workshops, teacher seminars, teacher clock-hours, and continuing education courses prove that fact!

But whether you are thinking of becoming a teacher or leaving the teaching profession, you would be wise to be a learner of yourself. What drives you? As an educator, what is your purpose?

My wife was a kindergarten teacher for most of her teaching career. She also taught in the other primary grades, fulfilling that childhood career goal for becoming a teacher.

Teaching Career Possibilities

Over the years in her career as an educator she learned this powerful lesson -- A career change for teachers could lead the educator, frustrated with the education field, to a new and purposeful career, yet still within the teaching profession.

There are so many options within education, so leaving teaching may not be the best way to think about teacher career change.

A Music Specialist Position

In one of our moves, a music specialist position opened up. Up to that point all she could find in that specific community was a long substitute list.

Then someone at the district office noticed on her substitute teacher application that she played the piano. 

From that discovery came 5 years as a music specialist for the Bellingham Public School District in Bellingham, WA. For more of the story, see Music Specialist Position Leads To The Principal's Office. 

After several years of lugging music equipment from classroom to classroom, and having to work for several principals at four different schools (each principal thinking he or she was her only boss), she longed for the classroom again.

So because of her love for teaching kindergarten, she returned to teaching the younger child, an assignment she had for several years.

Master's Degree Opportunity

Then came a change in my ministry career. We moved to Olympia, WA and she took a position at Community Christian Academy. Her first day on the job as a second grade teacher brought this invitation: "Would you be interested in being a principal?".

The good news was someone else paid for her education! Much of her coursework was through an online masters program. After she received a Masters Degree In School Leadership from Seattle Pacific University she served as a primary grades principal for several years. 

Profit From Your Knowledge As An Educator

By the way, the hard drive on her computer is loaded with great content for her own website on early childhood or school leadership.

My question to you is "What's on your computer's hard drive?" You too could have a website that shares your passion, your knowledge, and that also earns you extra income.

For more information click here on Teachers May As Well Profit From Their Knowledge.

Flexibility As An Educator

Because I made another ministry career change, this time to healthcare chaplaincy. my wife also made another career change as a teacher.

After finishing out her contract, my wife joined me in San Diego, CA. There were no administrative positions available so she ended up in another totally new area of education -- teaching high school American literature at Horizon Christian High School.

Sometimes you need to do one thing in order to position yourself for your next career assignment. She absolutely loved teaching older students but missed her educational love -- teaching early childhood students.

While "on hold" in her teaching profession journey -- teaching high school American literature classes -- she applied and was hired in what became her dream career: Site Director of Point Loma Nazarene University Early Childhood Learning Center.

Which goes to show that a career change for teachers could lead the frustrated educator -- a teacher mismatched in their assignment -- right back into to a new and purposeful career within the field of education.

A career change for teachers just may begin with a change within the teacher. Your desire for initially becoming a teacher may lead you to continue your teaching career but in a totally new area of education.

So before changing careers out of the teaching field, explore online masters degree programs. You may end up changing within the educational field.

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