Career Change Information: Average Number of Career Changes, Career Change Advice and Opportunities

For Career Change Information People Turn To The Internet

Career change information availability is one of the greatest impacts made by the Internet in recent years. Look closely on web pages even when shopping and you most likely will find a link to job opportunities.

Questions posed to me in my chaplain career were these:

  • How do I know what my purpose is regarding career choice?
  • How do I discover my life purpose?
  • Average number of career changes in a lifetime?
  • Where can I find career change statistics
  • What is acceptable career change motivation?
  • what fields offer the best career change opportunities?
  • Where can I find career change advice in keeping with the will of God?

Career Change Information And Career Change Advice From A Christian Perspective

For those of us whose Christian faith speaks to every area of life, understanding God's will and purpose for one's career is very important.

My understanding of life purpose, especially the purpose of God regarding career choice, is very simple indeed. God has created us with phenomenal gifts and abilities as well as the power to choose.

So, when it comes to the will of God in choosing careers and in changing careers, God grants us great freedom.

What fulfills you? Choose a career that gives you delight as you either provide services to people or products to people, products and services that enrich their lives.

Some may be bothered by this simple career change advice. This practical approach to understanding God's will seems too simple because many of us have grown up hearing terms like the center of God's will or the perfect will of God for life and work.

To me, God's will is much wider than I can imagine. Henry Blackaby nailed it for me in his book Experiencing God, when he suggested that if you want to know the will of God, just open your eyes to whatever God is already doing all around you.

For years, when it came to experiencing God's will, I tended to base decisions on an either/or mindset rather than a both/and concept that sees God at work in a much wider way than my limited mind can imagine.

Average Number Of Career Changes In A Lifetime

For years I have been under the impression that the average number of careers people will have over a lifetime is seven unique and distinct careers. Seems that statement is one of the myths regarding career change.

One great resource for career change information the Department of Labor. The DOL offers job seekers some great materials useful to examine your career change motivation and research career change opportunities.

I found an article that examines this concept of the number of career changes people make over a lifetime on the DOL website.

As you determine your career change motivation perhaps good old Uncle Sam can help your exploration of career possibilities.

In my role as a professional health care chaplain, I often meet those needing career information to make a career change decision.

Included have been unemployed job seekers, people frustrated with their present jobs, others experiencing career burnout, even pastors experiencing burnout.

Throw into that mix people who have lost their jobs or whose life was turned upside down because of divorce or debilitating disease, even financial reversals.

I find myself in the unique position of helping those needing career change information explore career change opportunities from a spiritual perspective.

As a professional chaplain, many potential career changers have asked me their career change questions. Helping them view career change opportunities from a Christian perspective is one aspect of their career change decision.

Websites like Hotjobs or Careerbuilder don't address topics like purpose of God in changing careers or pleasing God in career choice as they help people determine their career change motivation.

Careers pleasing to God are not exactly high on the agenda of the Department of Labor either, but no organization has more career change information and God can even use it to guide us in our career choices.

Number Of Times The Average Worker Changes Careers

How many times does the average worker change careers? The Department of Labor says that statistically speaking, no one knows either the career change motivation or the number of times one changes careers throughout their working years.

One career change idea commonly, but incorrectly, attributed to the U.S. Department of Labor is that people change careers about seven times in a lifetime.

Yet the Labor Department states that it does not gather that kind of data and so has not concluded the 7 career changes over a lifetime theory.

The major problem in collecting such data is the difficulty in defining what a "career change" is.

  • Is it a switch in occupations or career fields?
  • Maybe it’s a promotion.
  • What about workers who change employers but stay in the same occupation?
Because there is no clear definition, accurate counting of career changes is difficult, if not impossible.

In defining the kind of data concerning career change does the Labor Department’s U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does collect data on job change, here are some findings regarding career change in a lifetime:

  • Job changes, that is, the switch from one employer to another or a switch from one occupation to another while working for the same employer may not be considered career change as it is usually defined.
  • The average number of job changes is about 10 jobs for workers between ages 18 and 38, according to current data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth done in 1979.

Now it seems to me that the current data regarding job change in 1979 might need come updating, to reflect career change and average number of job changes taking place in the twenty-first century.

Now if that data comes from a study done over 25 years ago, think of what that career change information must be now. I also noticed the study was for job changes between ages 18 and 38. Most of the career changes I see people make are mid-life career changes.

Whatever the average number of jobs or careers, one fact is certain: Most working people will make numerous career changes during their lifetime of employment.

With that in mind, examine what the Department of Labor provides people seeking career change information, job-market information, job-search advice regarding career change motivation, and career change opportunities. For more details click on Career Change Information from the Department of Labor.

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