Career Change Motivation
Prompting You To Explore New Employment Opportunities

What Is Your Career Change Motivation?

The motivation which leads us to make a personal decision to change career direction can either be from within or it can come from an external source. 

And to be honest, that which motivates us to explore going a new direction, often makes no sense at all yet we feel the need to put into words what is causing us to consider a career change.

Inner feelings may be at the root of your employment unrest  yet you just cannot express adequately what is causing that unrest.  

Inner Reasons For Changing Careers

Responding to an inner desire for greater fulfillment may be reason enough for exploring a new direction in your career choice.  

Motivated to find a career that is fulfilling has moved many in their career change.

Whenever someone would say to me "I could never do what you do" I replied "Good, that means less competition in my career field."

Your reason for a job change has nothing to do with what others experience as reasons for employment change. In fact, conforming to what others thought you should be career-wise may be why you are unfulfilled in your present situation.

The good news is that even if our motivation to change careers arise from negative feelings or job dissatisfaction, God can use it to move us to a brighter future.

Outer Circumstances Prompting Career Change

I believe God can use even negative job situations to move a person to explore new career options. Many of us were motivated to seek new employment options when we  finally reached the place where we said "enough" to a micro manager or an inept boss.

Job layoffs in your present field will leave you no choice but to seek a new career direction.  

One friend of mine had this answer as to what motivated her career change aspirations: Allergies!

Finances have often been the key motivator for a career change and there is nothing wrong with saying "I can't make it financially in my present job situation". 

Have A Story To Share About Changing Careers?

Career change motivation could be anything that prompts us to move in a totally new direction vocationally.

These career change decisions make for intriguing stories and could be an encouragement to those who feel stuck in their career.

Reasons For Changing Careers

Reasons for changing careers will be different in each situation. Your motivation may simply be an inner desire for greater fulfillment or perhaps it is just a response to a negative job situation.

What motivated me to change careers will not be what motivates you to pursue a career change.

Your motivation for changing careers is unique to your personality and life experiences.

I have had my opportunity to tell my story. Now you can tell yours. Remember this may become a page on this career change website IF it is accepted.

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