Career Change Motivators For Changing Careers

Career Change Motivators Can Re-frame
Negative Reasons Into Positive Ones

Negative career change motivators may be actually positive career motivation events, should you choose to see them that way.

We don't always appreciate negative employment situations, yet, depending on your attitude or employment mindset, these negatives just might become the very career change motivation you need to force our hand to move on career-wise.

Understanding how negative situations become the reasons for changing careers can move you further on your Change Career Journey.

New Perspectives On Negative Career Events

You are not alone when it comes to career frustrations. Hopefully someday you'll look back with gratitude that what was once seen as negative career event became your career change motivation.

Understand "Why" you are considering a career change. Reasons prompting career change thoughts are as diverse and unique as we are as individuals. Yet, some common career change themes do appear again and again.

One of the Career Change Podcasts I enjoy listening to includes interviews with people who were in very negative situations and used those negatives to prompt them to new career opportunities as entrepreneurs.

Exploring A New Entrepreneurial Career 

I love case-studies, especially those that include stories of people who pursue new career pursuits when everything seems to be against them.

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So here it is:

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Reframe Your Career Change Problems
Into Career Change Motivators!

The change really begins in how we perceive ourselves and the events in our lives. What I thought was a negative situation I later viewed as a positive in that I was forced to move to a new assignment, doing so by changing my ministry-career direction. Here are the factors involved in the career-change process:

1. Economic concerns: to me this was more than just needing extra funds . . . I am thinking of the bigger financial picture.

Stuff like poor earning capacity, retirement planning (or lack of retirement planning in my case!),  feeling stuck in a low paying job, and having the proverbial financial rug pulled out from under my feet!

2. Financial needs: needing funds for college, overwhelming medical bills, or lack of a retirement plan all have been the story of my life. Nothing prompts career change thinking like financial pressure!

All of these money deficiencies entered into prompting me to change my career. The truth be known, personal finance problems have been the motivation for most career changes.

3. Spiritual factors: to name this website should be a clue that there was more to my career change decision than personal finance problems.

For me, God's purpose, the will of God, and discovering God-given dreams entered into my creativity in facing the future were all career change motivators moving me to take action.

I was purpose-driven in changing my career -- I wanted to empower others to be all that God wants them to be. I find this to be true for many who are considering a new career.

4. Family Life cycle factors: for many, a midlife career change moves them into a completely new area of life fulfillment. I'll own up to the fact that my mid life career change resulted from a desire to explore career opportunities beyond what I was doing.

Others I have known changed careers after getting married or beginning a family. I have friends who made a career change following a divorce or the death of their spouse. For them, a new employment situation, perhaps in a new geographical location, enable them to have a fresh career start.

Another career change prompter is having to care for aged parents or other family members requiring constant care. The concept of The Sandwich Generation is a topic I explored when enrolled in an MFT (Masters in Family Therapy) program at Bethel Seminary San Diego. 

5. Emotional factors: The following career change motivators may seem negative at first, but even burnout, discouragement, workplace frustrations, and boredom with a present career can prompt a search for employment options.

But if the result is career fulfillment and joy with your new job, even these negative emotional factors will prompt you to praise God for them.

As I reflect on what I considered past injustices from micro-managing bosses, my griping turns to praising God when I see how God used what I considered to be negative situations to move me to new career options.

7. Entrepreneurial Drive: not everyone is a 9 to 5 type of person.

Perhaps you, like me, have been described as someone who "draws outside the lines". To be honest, I have always strategized ways to make more money, increase income, or somehow produce extra income.

My mind is always strategizing new ways of doing things and people around me raise their eyebrows when I verbalize a new career change concept or unique financial approach.

All of the above creative career thinking led me to make a midlife career change quite a few years ago. These changes in direction arose out my own personal motivators for career change.

And now I am using the need for income in my retirement years to explore career opportunities in retirement. Let me be transparent in sharing income producing strategies with the following statement:

Advertisement Disclosure: I may receive compensation for any links to services or products below but that does not add any cost to the product or service. Affiliate marketing is simply a method for people like you and me to earn income on the internet.

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