Career Change Tools For Successfully Changing Careers

Career change tools will make your career transition easier and more effective.

What are the basic career building tools needed? I can think of a few items for what I call my job transition toolbox that I have used when changing careers.

As a Christian, the spiritual tools we have access to would be at the top of the list:

  • Praying for God's guidance and direction;
  • Searching the Bible to discover God's purpose and will in every area of life;
  • Seeking out counsel from positive, faith-filled friends who understand risk-taking;

I am going to be bold and suggest one more career change tool included in my spiritual arsenal for discovering a new career: exploring web-based business opportunities that are ethical and enjoined by other Christians to fund ministry endeavors. 

Advertisement Disclosure: I may receive compensation for any links to services or products below but that does not add any cost to the product or service. Affiliate marketing is simply a method for people like you and me to earn income on the internet.

Basic Career Building Tools You Will Need

Here are some tools you may need when changing careers that will hopefully lead you to an interview:

  • software tools such as personal finance software or resume writing software;
  • online job posting sites to get your resume in front of those hiring;
  • and finally, a computer or tablet, which itself is a valuable change career tool.

Changing careers can be a positive life adventure that moves you onto greater fulfillment and career satisfaction so having and using the right tools will make it even more so.

More Home Based Business Opportunities

You can see that I am a big fan of home-based businesses but you certainly do need to be careful because of all the shady scams that populate this particular career arena.

Yet the internet is a goldmine of income producing information that can lead you to a successful career transition. The amount of information will amaze you and perhaps even overwhelm you. In my search for information and resources for my midlife career change, I continually had to refocus on my God-given purpose. Otherwise, I was chasing after ideas and concepts that did not fit my personal goals.

That is one reason I decided to invest in one particular internet business approach, rather than  divert my attention to all the other voices clamoring for my attention and my dollars. 

That single investment was the best choice of all the career change tools available to me and thousands of others because it helped me fulfill my purpose even in my retirement years.

What I liked about the Proven Amazon Course was the multiple variations available to me through this specific income producing approach. If you want to explore the many choices available, listen to some of people interviewed on the Silent Jim Podcast

(Disclaimer: Again, a link whereby I may receive a commission should you respond to any offers or services, which is the whole idea behind marketing on the internet.)

Perhaps Expanding Career Options A Better Description

Many feel called by God to the particular employment opportunity they are currently in.  Yet the financial pressures of continuing a causing you to explore other vocational opportunities.  Creating income through internet-based ventures like those above may be the best choice in that you keep serving right where God has already placed you.