As A Career Health Care Will Experience Increases In Healthcare Job Opportunities

The career health care employees who are serving in health care jobs gained my admiration because of their compassion for the patients they serve.

While serving as both a hospital chaplain and after becoming a hospice chaplain, I thoroughly enjoyed working with those in medical careers, people whose purpose was to bring healing to those they served

In my chaplain career health care jobs were filled with purpose driven people with a passion for meeting the medical needs of whose lives had been impacted by illness and pain.

From my perspective as a health care chaplain, it seemed health care job opportunities are increasing.

Health Care Career Exploration

My great respect for these dedicated health care employees came about as I observed them serving in the jobs health care facilities provide.

Whether in hospitals or medical clinics, skilled nursing facilities or working for hospice organizations, health care job opportunities have given purpose to literally thousands in medical careers throughout the world.

Purpose Driven Health Care Providers

For those of us who worked in hospice organizations, the jobs in health care truly provide us Careers With Purpose, and we are surrounded by others in the medical field who have dedicated themselves to that same purpose, caring for those at the end of life.

Now you would think that those of us who work with the elderly, the sickest of the sick, would be depressed and disheartened because we serve those are so close to death and dying, but such is not the case.

For example, before I retired as a hospice chaplain, the workers at Care With Dignity Convalescent Hospital, located here in San Diego, California, were a joy to be around.

Like many other skilled nursing facilities, What I first noticed at Care with Dignity was a great attitude in the staff. Later I learned that some of those health care workers have worked there for over 20 years!

Medical Caregivers In Health Care Jobs Are Often Taken For Granted

Who are these dedicated medical professionals? Your friends and mine in health care careers, our family members who responded to health care job opportunities, called to serve us when we need them most.

In my particular niche as a health care chaplain, I work closely with these whose jobs in health care brought me into the healthcare world. To me they are unsung heroes, doing work that is so necessary for life and health.

In my role as hospice chaplain and spiritual care provider, as I visited patients in hospitals, assisted living facilities, and homes, I continually praised God for the privilege of working with these special compassionate caregivers who have chosen to serve in health care careers.