Career Ideas: Practical Ideas For Career Change

Find Career Ideas and Discover Employment Solutions

For job seekers searching for career ideas and employment solutions, do not overlook becoming self-employed and starting your own business.  

Let's be honest about changing careers, we often do not know where to begin and so we simply explore job options rather than self-employment possibilities. 

No one can guarantee you will get a job. How could they? They can provide ideas for career change but the job offer is up to the discretion of the potential employer or hiring agent and that person may not like your looks or appreciate your "uniqueness" like your mother does.

What they are saying is this: Using their employment search services you will get more job interviews and job offers than going it alone in your career exploration and job search. But why not explore you working for you? 

That is what I like about what Amazon has enabled common folk like you and me to do, sell on the FBA platform. Jim Cockrum has developed a self-employment model based on the Fulfillment by  Amazon Platform that you should explore. Just click on the following link to check out the Proven Amazon Course

Employment Solutions In The Job Searching Process

For those who are contemplating a career change, to find a complete turn key solution for the job searching process sounds very appealing.  FBA was launched with the idea of providing a complete work for yourself employment solution for not only job seekers, but also career changers.

To get an idea about how people are doing with the Amazon self-employed model, you might want to listen to Jim interview successful Amazon business owners by clicking on Silent Sales Team Radio.

Giving Job Seekers Job Finding Tools

In today’s career market one can find literally tens of thousands of career sites, which makes it extremely difficult to adequately search through all of the available jobs online. 

Here is a key difference for those seeking self-employment opportunities: By partnering with Amazon, you can develop a business that even employs others needing to supplement their incomes.  

Discover Employment Solutions To Change Careers With Purpose

For many their career opportunity search is not just to explore new career ideas. They are seeking significance that is beyond discovering available job opportunities.

Perhaps you were looking for employment search solutions for just landing a job interview, but now you see these career ideas can include self-employment solutions like those mention above in the Proven Amazon Course.