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As you can see, I have a career information website, identifying jobs in health care, urging job seekers to explore healthcare employment opportunities.

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I guess I am like many who are searching for job and career information, keeping my eyes open for jobs in health care, especially healthcare employment opportunities such as hospice chaplain opportunity or open chaplain position.

Often I check out the Association Of Professional Chaplain website, opening up the chaplain job opportunity page on their site.

Perhaps I did this because I may have received the latest issue of Employment911's newsletter. The first item of news in the area of Employment Website Affiliates is a big welcome to all the new employment focused website owners who offer career information.

They expressed genuine gratitude to those who would be working with them as we provide career information, such as jobs in health care and healthcare employment opportunities.

Take a look at what they offer by clicking on the following employment website address:

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August Kicks Off The Job Search Season

I learned that what Employment911 wanted to share is that the fall job frenzy had just started and we who have employment opportunity websites should be prepared.

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I guess that this is the time of the year -- along with January -- when job search activity gets into high gear, a trend, which will last until Thanksgiving.

What they wanted to communicate to those of us who have career information websites is that employment-related sites promoting job opportunities on a regular basis meet a crucial need for those looking for work or considering a career change.

In fact, they claimed that the percentage of internet visitors who are interested in career-related services will increase considerably at this back to school season.

They urged those of us with career themed websites to promote their best-selling employment service, resume writing, on our career information website's home pages or most visited pages.

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Thats a few more folks than I have in my address book and most likely they can send out several hundred thousand more resumes than you or I can.

So hopefully Employment911 can give you valuable career information, and in my case, chaplain jobs jobs in health care, leading me to chaplain employment opportunities among their thousands of healthcare employment opportunities.