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Career Site Information on this website will hopefully help you determine God's purpose for your life and career.

All of the career change advice and information offered on this career change themed website is based on combining career change with understanding God's purpose for your life.

Rather than offering simplistic answers to career change questions, this website seeks to prompt those needing career guidance to come up with their own employment search solutions.

As an Infopreneur (an information publisher)I see myself as a career change idea prompter, helping those facing career frustrations and those who feel stuck in their career, by providing resources for your personal career change exploration.

This career focused website contains practical career solutions to those wanting career change advice -- information pertaining to changing careers with purpose.

Career Change Questions Already Answered

While the goal of this site is to help others be all they can be through the grace of God, you may be seeking specific career focused information for your particular employment situation.

For those needing specific career change counsel, I encourage you to seek out a Bible believing church and talk to a pastor with your personal career questions and employment concerns.

For Those Needing My Financial Support

I do get unique financial requests that I simply cannot respond to.

Often I receive very honest requests for money from those whose heartbreaking financial situation moves them to make a plea for financial aid. Don't even ask me for money or contributions to your ministry, legitimate as it may be.

I will not send donations to anyone asking me to do so. Yes, I know times are tough financially for many, and that includes me.

I have some very good news regarding your need for financial support -- I am not The Source of your ministry donations. You need to aim HIGHER, asking God Himself to supply your financial support.

What I suggest is that you build a website highlighting your ministry, your hobby, or whatever you are passionate about. Then you can sell products, offer your services, or even ask for funds to support your ministry on your own ministry website.

Why is that ministry funding advice good news? Doing so will generate far more funds than what I could ever give you.

I Know You Want To Increase Web Traffic To Your Website

Tempting as it is, this career site information form is not here for those needing internet traffic to list your website's URL.

Yes, other website owners or internet marketers will send a career change idea just to highlight another website address. As soon as I see a pitch for products with a specific website URL, it gets deleted.

Yet there are some who ask "What about all the website links throughout this career focused site?" Those are placed by me as resources for the career change visitors to come to this site.

The Genius Of Internet Marketing

I say it often but this website is a personal home business and ministry. If you need funds for your ministry or want to have an income stream as a self-employed internet business owner, you should do what I have done.

Explore the SBI approach to Internet income production, which is a tremendous web tool for funding your ministry or becoming a lucrative home business.

Federal Trade Commission regulations insist that I inform readers that I may receive commissions when product listings and advertisements appear on this website.

I gladly let you know that when you click on product links, you are supporting me financially. That is what is called the genius of affiliate marketing and is how I and many other website owners create income. Learn how you can create an income stream through your own website business.

To Those Offering To Make Me Number One In Search Engines

Those wanting to help me become listed number one in search engine listings for career and employment keywords use this page more than anyone else.

While I appreciate your concern that I be at the top of search engine listings, let me encourage you to click on the following link to understand my strategy to become number one with the search engines.

The truth be told, I do not need your services to make me number 1 in Google search. If helping me increase website traffic is your only interest in filling out this form, let me encourage you to click on the following link for a better understanding. Check out: Reasons I Do Not Need Help Ranking Number One In Google Search

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My Promise Regarding Your Email Address

Those in need of career site information will discover useful career change information about jobs with purpose and other specific career information throughout the pages of this career idea website.

I will not use your email address for any other purpose than to facilitate better communication concerning career change issues.

Doing so avoids having an email address listed on a web page, which spammers love to harvest in order to send their incessant messages. (How come we never receive spam emails on how to increase the size of our faith?)

Of all the career site information offered in helping people change career direction, perhaps this is one of the most useful career change advice I can offer -- do not display your internet address on any website. Spammers do actually harvest email addresses through software specifically for that purpose.

When it comes to spam, we who have legitimate information based websites have spamming concerns too.

You see, many small business web sites as well as church ministry web sites fear they will be black listed because of the epidemic of spam that is being sent out (often attributed to their ministry or business when it is not).

Thus, instead of listing my email address for easy spammer picking, I am using this form and other forms as website email techniques for reducing spam. It is part of a wider internet crusade with the goal of "emailing without spamming".

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