Careers In Animal Training

Careers In Animal Training Since
There's No Shortage of Pets

"How about careers in animal training?"

Because of his love for animals, it just seemed he should explore animal related careers. After all, if our family's experience is like that of other pet loving families, exploring careers in the animal field seemed to be needed!

I was trying not to be too parental as I suggested to my adult son possible animal careers. We were standing in a checkout line at Petco and were looking at a sign listing the current jobs at Petco.

In fact, the Petco Career Sign listed a number of possible careers in the animal field. My son seemed interested and we began to brainstorm all of the animal or pet related job possibilities:

  1. training therapy pets
  2. exotic animal careers
  3. animal nutrition careers
  4. training service pets
  5. careers in animal health
  6. animal science careers
  7. pet sitting and other pet care careers

My goal was to prompt him to consider animal related careers as employment possibilities, hoping to do so in such a way that the discovery was his, not mine.

Reasons To Probe Animal Related Careers

Both as his Dad and as his unofficial career change coach, I could see the animal care field as a good fit for him for several reasons:

  • He loves animals! Seems obvious that if you are considering careers in animal training, you should enjoy working with animals. I could see multiple animal career possibilities because he has always enjoyed pets, especially Sadie, his yellow Labrador retriever.
  • He understands the need for healthy eating for animals: his commitment to feeding Sadie foods designed for her size and age indicates that an animal nutrition career would fit into this approach to Sadie's pet food diet. Besides, Sadie loves to eat and she could help him pay for all that better quality dog food she devours.
  • I am sure many pet food companies would tout theirs as the best quality dog food but for a wider array of choices, many simply shop Amazon. Click on Shopping Amazon for Premium Dog Food to see what they sell.

  • He had taught Sadie to be obedient to his voice commands and sometimes she even considered the possibility of doing so! OK, I wanted him to consider animal training careers because Sadie desperately needed to be trained in dog obedience herself.
  • and finally, there seems to be no shortage of pets. That means careers in the animal field offer viable pet care career opportunities that will continue to grow.

So there you have it, a Father's advice to an adult son who was ready to launch a new career.

"Consider animal careers: explore careers in animal training. Let Sadie help you decide. You could probe animal training careers or careers in animal health. I really do believe an animal career would fit you."

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