Change Career News Feed Through Website Syndication Tool

Change Career News Feed For Your Website

This Change Career News Feed provides fresh website content through a web syndication tool called WidgetBox to those needing fresh content for their websites.

You can see how this particular news feed looks below, with the content coming from my career focused site and made available for bloggers and webmasters needing Christian website content.

Career Content From A Christian Perspective

The above content feed provides updates exploring Careers With Purpose, featuring career advice from a Christian perspective to those with questions about changing careers.

So if you want to put up-to-date career focused content on your website or blog, perhaps my unique writing style will be a source of fresh content from a Chaplain's heart.

While my career based news blog is focused on the keyword careers, I believe my unique style could enhance any website searching for content.

Interested In Launching Your Own Website

My website is a purpose driven home based business that is also a unique internet ministry to the world wide web. I see content rich websites as an extension of ministry that is also a money making internet business.

In fact, launching a focused website such as this one is in itself a career option for those wondering if having a website can produce income.

This website endeavor has indeed earned enough to pay for my housing expenses here in San Diego. At the same time, this Christian focused website fulfills my purpose in helping people be all they can be by the grace of God.

Career Change Is Common Theme For These Website Owners