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Change Career News Feed Your Websites

This Change Career News Feed use to provide fresh website content through a web syndication tool called WidgetBox to those needing fresh content for their websites. WidgetBox met its demise a few years ago so another news feed strategy is needed.

Meanwhile I am searching for an alternative to share the content coming from this career-focused site. While News Feeds were popular with webmasters and bloggers needing current and up to date content for their sites, I am ready to change my approach. After all, this need is now met by Facebook with all of its popular content-providing strategies that they provide.  

Career Content From A Christian Perspective

Since this site is quite old in Internet age, this old dog of a webmaster finds it overwhelming to find methods to provide career change content feeds to people exploring changing careers.  That is not to say I am not searching for another feed process for dispensing career advice from a Christian perspective to those with questions about changing careers. 

I suppose that I need to put up-to-date career focused content on this website yet I am leaning to self-publishing books to dispense my unique writing style, hopefully becoming a source of fresh content from a Chaplain's heart.

While my career based news blog was focused on the keyword "careers", I believe my unique style could enhance eBooks and self-published products needing content found on this site.

No Longer Focusing On Launching My Own Websites

I see this website as a purpose driven, home based business that is also a unique internet ministry on the world wide web. In the past, I saw content rich websites as an extension of ministry that was also potentially a money-making internet business venture. But the Internet landscape has changed and some of the best career-focused information will become the basis for new Amazon based marketplace strategies.   

I am convinced that launching a focused website such as this one was a viable, unique career option for those of us who searching for methods to produce online income.

This website endeavor had indeed earned enough income at one time that I used to pay for my housing expenses here in San Diego. While this Christian focused website continues to fulfill my purpose in helping people be all they can be by the grace of God, I am ready for a new approach in my retirement years.

I believe a better approach in the future will be what Jim Cockrum suggest in his Proven Amazon Course. What I like is that it is a community with many Christians online who support each other in creating income streams through multiple approaches to selling products online.

Christian Businesses, Or Better Said, Christians In Business

I have to admit that I shy away from anyone who describes theirs as a Christian business.  It is people who are Christians, not corporations or stores.  We are Christians in business and this is the approach I am pursuing and that is exactly what I discovered in Jim Cockrum's program for Christian entrepreneurs seen below.

While the links on this page are based on affiliate marketing, that is the genius of making money online!