Change Career News 

Change Career News All Around Us

When it is time to change careers news can be a great source of career change advice for those hearing that news. 

For example, current business news announcements, such as stock market news, contain valuable advice for those contemplating a change in career direction.

When it comes to changing careers, there are several news resources to tune in to that just may help you in your career decision.

In these financially challenging times change career news could range from. . .

  • Current business news articles or media newscasts focusing on the latest unemployment figures;
  • Office gossip about recent firings and layoffs;
  • Company news releases announcing something as good as recent career promotions or more corporate bad news about the latest stores closing.

Listening For Career Change Advice In Business and Industry News

The proverbial reading between the lines when suspecting it's time for a change of career, news loaded with warnings regarding a specific career sector may help you take action before it is too late. 

For example, those with careers in financial planning I am sure could look back and say I should have seen the financial sector meltdown coming. Of course, those who weathered the financial storm have been enjoying their best years because they did not spook after hearing the news.  

Bad Career News May Be Good If Your Business Is Career Training

When employment news causes people to explore other vocational options, career training will be needed by those exploring career possibilities in new fields. Bad news in one sector can be good news if your business is career training.

Of course, that news that prompts career change action my be personal announcements such as a pink slip (notice of being laid off) or a doctor's diagnosis of illness or disease.  For returning missionary Chris Leake it was not only his own need to find a new career path but that of many others who sought his advice. He began offering marketing services to local businesses in 2011 when he returned to the United States after serving as a missionary for nearly 7 years.

He tells his story in the Proven Business Consulting Course that is a part of Jim Cockrum's Christian Business courses.

God's Call to Business Consulting As Ministry

Whether specific industry sector news or stock market news, I discovered there is valuable career change advice that often influences our major career decisions.

Business consulting opportunities are found in the news we hear and read, almost on a daily basis. Guiding others is indeed a career option and understanding the ins and outs of consulting may be what you need to consider in your own career pursuit. 

Business Consulting should be considered as a ministry opportunity in itself.  Perhaps God is calling you to explore how a consulting business model is indeed a ministry, a career with purpose! Helping others start a business could be a tremendous boost to not only an individual's financial picture but to the church they attend and the Christian non-profits they support.

So take a look at the Proven Business Consulting Course to see if this is what God has in mind for you.