Chaplain Career Education Requirements

by Nancy Stull (Riverside, California)

Is a Masters degree necessary to fulfill
chaplain career education requirements?

(A reader with questions regarding Masters Degree Programs)

Chaplain Education Requirements

Chaplain career education requirements as well as ordination requirements can be seen in several chaplain job postings I came across on chaplain focused websites on the internet.

Your question as to whether you should be an ordained minister first as well as your question concerning the educational requirements are some of the most asked chaplaincy concerns.

Thank you for your interest in how to become a chaplain. I hope you as my readers understand that I am no way an official voice for any professional chaplain organization.

Chaplain Career One Of Many Ministry Career Options

While I am now a retired, I just enjoy helping others see the phenomenal ministry opportunities that exist in chaplaincy.

Yet I must emphasize that professional chaplain careers are just one expression of ministry career possibilities.

Personally, I think that any career can open doors to minister to people and that means there are literally hundreds, yes, even thousands of ministry career options.

Even this website for me is an internet ministry opportunity, as I share career opportunities that help fulfill the calling of God. Thus I see myself as an internet chaplain, helping people be all they can be by the grace of God.

Initially an effort on my part to speak to the issue of pastors leaving ministry, I chose the concept of careers with purpose to help them see ministry career options beyond local church employment.

Considering Chaplain Career Possibilities

How to become a chaplain is a popular topic as seen in the number of a recent letters I received. One writer was considering chaplain career possibilities but was frustrated with many of the educational requirements for a chaplaincy career.

It is true that there are educational expectations for those wanting to be chaplains, which is expected in any worthy career with purpose.

And there are additional career requirements professional chaplain must meet when pursuing chaplaincy as a ministry career.

Basic Chaplain Career Possibilities

I have several pages on this career focused website that explain the chaplain certification process.

See Chaplain Job Search as well as Chaplain Certification for more information on Professional Chaplaincy requirements.

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