Chaplain Career Training 25 Years Ago

by A Pastor Exploring Chaplain Career Options
(Any Church In The USA)

Chaplain Career Training Question

It seems an M.Div. from an accredited seminary program is required for chaplaincy employment.

If the chaplain career candidate completed 4 units of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) over 25 years ago, is that chaplaincy training still applicable for chaplain employment.

Chaplain Employment Qualifications

Even if one's Clinical Pastoral Education was completed over 25 Years ago, am I eligible to apply for chaplain jobs.

After completing chaplain career training, my ministry career path was 14 years as pastor of a non-denominational church.

Chaplain Employment Question

While I do have a Masters in Divinity or MDiv. and completed Clinical Pastoral Education so long ago, have I met the requirements to apply for chaplain jobs?

Steps To Certify Certification

(Editor's reply) If I were you I would make contact with those whose role it is to answer questions on chaplaincy training.

First, the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, (ACPE) oversees the education requirements for a chaplain career. There have been many changers since you completed your chaplaincy training, especially in chaplain certification requirements.

The Association of Professional Chaplains is the largest chaplain certifying organization and would be the organization to contact for the information you seek regarding What you need to do to be employable as a chaplain.

Next would be the specific Clinical Pastoral Education center that provided you clinical training. Since one of the requirements for chaplaincy certification is the endorsement of you specific faith group, you would do well to contact their chaplaincy office for guidance.

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