Chaplain Certification Question

by Pastor Angeles Martinez-Casado (Cleveland, Ohio)

Chaplain Certification question:
How do we go about certifying chaplains in our School of Theology?

(A Reader Wanting More Information
About The Chaplain Certification Process)

Training Chaplains In Our School of Theology and Ministry

We are developing ministry training center in the greater Cleveland area and I am gathering information on Chaplain Certification.

What does our School of Theology and Ministry need to do to develop a program for chaplain certification?

Chaplain Career Training Options

I am part of the Pastoral staff of Iglesia Nueva Vida (New Life Church) in Cleveland, OH.

I am exploring what needs to be done in developing a training program for chaplaincy careers that would result in having them board certified.

Process Possibilities For Certifying Chaplains

While there are a few parish centered CPE programs (Clinical Pastoral Education), most programs are offered through the spiritual care departments of hospitals.

You would do well to contact the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education at for more information.

You are right on target in understanding that the educational process for a professional chaplain involves much more than a few classes.

Most chaplain job announcements specify that the chaplain candidate needs to have completed Clinical Pastoral Education and if not yet certified, be on track to receive certification.

Yes, becoming a professional chaplain involves not only a bachelors degree but also a post graduate degree, such as an MDiv or Masters of Theology.

You might contact a hospital in your area and partner with them in offering Clinical Pastoral Education. Such a partnership makes sense in that the certifying process for chaplains would involve so much effort on your part.

After all, they have already done all the heavy lifting in starting and staffing a clinical pastoral education center. Besides, they need a new source of chaplaincy students for their CPE program to be effective.

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