Chaplain Employment Question

by Robin
(Marietta, GA)

Chaplain Employment Possibilities

How much of a demand is there for chaplains? Besides hospitals and the military, what other opportunities are there for chaplains? I'm concerned about receiving the education, and finding no job openings for chaplains.

Chaplain Opportunity Answer

Like many career fields during these uncertain times, there seems to be a hiring freeze in many of the hospitals who hire chaplains.
But there are other chaplaincy career opportunities to consider.

Hospice Chaplain Job Opportunities

For those interested in pursuing a chaplain career, there are other medical fields that offer chaplain employment opportunities, hospice being one to consider.

Industrial and Business Chaplain Opportunities

Even businesses are beginning to hire chaplains, who avail themselves to employees needing spiritual support. The number of people attending church is quite low in some areas of the country.

Being a industrial chaplain brings spiritual care to a wider population than church attenders. These workplace chaplains help employees deal with life issues, thus helping businesses be productive because their workers discover resources to cope with the struggles of life.

Chaplain Training Process

As to the educational process for being a certified chaplain, many chaplains began their ministry career as pastors of local parishes, so already had a MDiv. or Masters of Divinity degree.

Adding a year of Clinical Pastoral Education can either be done all at once or could be accomplished over a period of time, perhaps as part of a pastor's continuing education.

Perhaps there are other areas our readers can think of that offer chaplain employment. If so, feel free to submit your ideas either as a comment below or as an article.

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