Chaplain Endorsement Question

by CJ Kramer
(Pinellas Park, FL)

Hospital Chaplain Question

Does a chaplain need a specific church backing to become a hospital chaplain?

If one has an undergraduate degree in marketing and a strong Biblical background personally, it seems the opportunities for chaplain employment seem limited without church backing.

Of course, there are websites offering "Internet" ordination, but that seems to be a questionable qualification.

What direction can you give to someone over 60 who desires to serve as a hospital chaplain.

Chaplain Endorsement Answer

If you are seeking employment as a Board Certified Chaplain, then yes, you need the endorsement of your faith group.

But perhaps you are just wanting to find a meaningful ministry in your retirement. Louis, a friend of mine, was doing just that after his wife died. He had spent so much time at the hospital, he knew there were people needing spiritual comfort.

He went the chaplain of the hospital and offered his services as a volunteer. He received training in offering spiritual care in the hospital setting and has been a faithful and fulfilled volunteer chaplain. While not a certified chaplain, he certainly has discovered a ministry as a hospital chaplain volunteer.

And yes, he was asked to have the endorsement of his denominational faith group, even as a volunteer chaplain.

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