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Chaplain Job Opportunities:
Are Hospital Chaplain Jobs Available?

Many chaplains have experienced losing their chaplain positions so it was not unusual to receive a letter sent from one who had experienced a chaplain job loss.

His chaplain unemployment situation prompted me to write on how chaplain certification could increase chaplain career job opportunities.

Chaplain Certification Advice

The importance of chaplain certification is often missed by those seeking chaplain career employment. This particular chaplain in the story above was not a board certified chaplain and he was finding that most hospital chaplain jobs required chaplaincy certification.

Perhaps my letter to him will help any others facing this chaplain career dilemma when exploring chaplain job opportunities.

Chaplain is a wonderful and very fulfilling ministry career for those who wish to minister beyond the walls of the local church. Yet it should not surprise you that the educational requirement s to be a chaplain include not only CPE but a Master's degree too.

Dear Unemployed Chaplain:

Thanks for writing me as you research chaplain jobs in your area. I understand that these are days of struggle for you and I hope I can at least give words of encouragement to you as you search for chaplain employment.

Thanks too, for accessing my ministry career focused website. I started it as a hedge financially for when retirement becomes reality.

My faith focused website is also the way I chose to impact our world with a positive message of hope and purpose on the Internet.

You asked: "What about ministers like me who have a Master of Arts in Religion, 4 units Clinical Pastoral Education or CPE, and a year's experience as a Hospice chaplain, but have been laid off due a restructuring?"

I notice that you did not include chaplain certification in your list of chaplain qualifications. You have discovered by now that most hospital chaplain jobs require certification by one of the professional chaplain associations.

You are fortunate to have your educational requirements met in your search for chaplain jobs. Many have written that not having an M.Div. (Master of Divinity degree) is a barrier to finding another chaplain job. And several say what you say: "I can't afford to take seminary classes right now."

As to my suggestions, please take what I say as ministry career idea prompters as you seek chaplain job opportunities. May God bless your chaplain employment search in these challenging times.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

Hospital Chaplain Jobs Availability

Whether hospital chaplain jobs are available as financial pressures are experienced by hospitals is the question. I personally believe there will be more chaplain position layoffs and fewer chaplain employment opportunities.

I am not sure that even if my chaplain certification advice is followed, hospital chaplain jobs will be available.

Ministry Focused Website Opportunity

I too experienced a chaplain job loss and decided to explore other chaplain career options, leading me to take early retirement and expand this internet website ministry.

While not equal to my chaplaincy salary, I do make enough to cover my housing expenses at this time.

What I have discovered is that InfoPublishing is a way to share my knowledge with the internet world. In other words, I am an internet published author.

I was challenged to build an online ministry/business website based upon what I already knew, taking this subject matter and publishing it online.

I chose to have a career focused website, through which my personal knowledge and experiences have been re-purposed into diversified revenue streams including being an author and also a publisher.

New Chaplain Job Opportunity: Launch Your Own Amazon Business

My hope is that as one who has experienced a chaplain job loss (resulting in chaplain unemployment), you would pursue chaplain certification, and that doing so will increase your chaplaincy career opportunities if hospital jobs are available.

But even if you do not find a chaplain career position, your life experiences can give you unique material for your own income producing business using the Amazon sales platform.

Let me first declare that any recommendation to income producing programs or products online must meet the guidelines established by the FTC. What they require is a declaration that the link following may earn me a commission if you click on it.  The program I recommend is Jim Cockrum's Silent Sales Machine.  

I feel that my Chaplaincy career was rewarding but eventually chaplain job opportunities were no longer available to me.  Having an online business has enabled me to continue living in Southern California and meet my financial needs.

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