Chaplain Job Search And Chaplaincy Career Requirements

What Is Involved In Doing a chaplain job search?

If you are searching for a job as a chaplain, you need to be aware of professional chaplaincy requirements needed for landing employment.

If your desire to serve God is moving you to explore a professional chaplain career, there are requirements to be met, which is true of most professional vocations.

Looking for Chaplain jobs led me to a new ministry of pastoral care, a chaplain career. What I discovered was in my search for chaplain jobs, I kept noticing most required chaplain certification. In becoming a chaplain, many chaplains will say that fulfilling the chaplain training requirements -- 4 units of Clinical Pastoral Education or CPE -- was the "worst, best" experience of their professional chaplaincy training.

What To Do Before You Can Get Chaplain Jobs

If you are seeking information on chaplain jobs, especially hospital chaplain jobs, perhaps you can benefit from an article I wrote for my chaplain training program (CPE or clinical pastoral education in association of professional chaplain lingo).

As I look back now that I have my Association of Professional Chaplain Certification (APC), I can say that. . .

  • I appreciate the challenges experienced in my chaplain training that stretched me,
  • I needed to go through the process of chaplain certification, and
  • now that I am finally a Board Certified Chaplain, find great fulfillment in my chaplain employment.

My Links To Chaplain Job Search Articles

The following article was written to help you understand the chaplain employment process. By the way, I originally wrote this article as A Theological Reflection assignment in CPE, but have adapted it to become part of this "Change Career, With Purpose" website.

I have discovered there is a big difference in writing for the internet and writing to fulfill assignments in Clinical Pastoral Education. If you want to learn the difference, click on

Using what you have already written for content on your own website.

To help you in searching for chaplain positions, you will find a listing of various chaplain jobs -- both hospital chaplain jobs and hospice chaplain jobs -- to jump start your chaplain career at the website of the Association of Professional Chaplains.

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Chaplains job search could lead to becoming an Internet Chaplain.