Chaplain Training, Then Certification, And Finally Employment In Chaplaincy

Understanding Chaplain Training Requirements

Chaplain training requirements include getting college degrees, both a BA and a masters. Chaplaincy  employment usually requires Clinical Pastoral Education or CPE, which is specialized training beyond a bachelors degree and masters degree...

On Becoming A Chaplain

After I received my certification as a Board Certified Chaplain, I often spoke to those with questions on how to become a chaplain. Many were surprised to learn the academic requirements as they explore career change to a chaplaincy career.

I can think of no better way than building a themed based website that provides information about the basics of chaplain training.

By the way, I consider this site as a way to expand my chaplain career, ministering through a career focused website to those wondering about their own career aspirations. For me, my websites are both ministry and   entrepreneurial endeavors.

For more information click on How To Have An Internet Based Ministry.

Learning what is needed for chaplain certification and the keys to finding chaplain employment can  best be accomplished by simply sharing my own chaplain career story.

My Journey To Chaplaincy

One of the CPE assignments given me as I pursued certification was to write about how I see my own  ministry career from a spiritual perspective.

A Theological Reflection
by Chaplain Paul Slater

First of all, let me say that I believe in a very personal God, One whom the Psalmist could address as "My God", and the One whom Jesus said could be called upon as "Our Father".

The Apostle Paul suggested that we as "adopted children in the Family of God" could even call upon Him as "Abba", a term akin to our "Papa" or "Daddy".

Scripture has always been important to me and I have seen the Bible as a guide for faith and obedience all my life.

I believe that God has initiated a very personal relationship with me and that my God pursues that love relationship daily.

This is a relationship to be shared and I find great delight in telling others this special message of Good News: "God loves you and has wonderful plans for your life".

Yes, I actually believe God has a purpose for each one of us. For me, chaplaincy has become the pastoral ministry career I have chosen to fulfill God's purpose for my life.
How To Become A Chaplain: Getting from There to Here

For me God's purpose is that I experience and share the reality of Christ and His love with those God brings into my sphere of influence. Mine is a pretty practical faith, a faith for the "dailyness" of life.

But as I reflect on my practical faith, God's love and leadership, and my response to His purpose for my life, I ask the question "How did I get here, to the Center of Urban Ministry, in San Diego, California in the year 2002?"

And a further question I ask as I attempt to discover and interpret what God is doing in my life and my wife's as well is "What Now?"
From Learning Carpentry, Computer Skills To Chaplain Training

Over the past 30 years of pastoring I have attempted to master a skill outside that of the pastorate. These skills include carpentry, electronics, and computer technology.

In fact I started a small computer repair and upgrading business in my last pastorate in order to support my "home mission habit".

That interest in computers led me to a Nazarene layman who operated several businesses employing over 200 people. He already owned the largest security company in Western Washington.

He saw that the Internet would be a part of his future strategy and asked if I would help him start an Internet service that was "family friendly".

ReachONE Internet Service was launched in 1999. We became the largest locally owned ISP in our county and had recently gone nationwide with our filtered service.

Meanwhile I had been re-evaluating my call to ministry, God's invitation to share the reality of Christ with people (rather than just working on computers).

I realized that I still had a call from God to help people know His will for every phase of their life.

Perhaps someday I will launch a new website for those who are thinking of leaving the ministry. I prefer to not use that term, rather viewing it as expanding the ministry.

As I look back now that I have my Association of Professional Chaplain Certification, I appreciate the challenges experienced in my chaplain training, the process of chaplain certification, and finally the fulfillment of chaplain employment.

Chaplain Training Changed My Life

I now have Retired Status as a Board Certified Chaplain. As I reflect on the ten years of an active chaplaincy career, I am so glad that I gave myself permission to change careers.

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