Chaplain Experiences Loss of Hospice Job

This Chaplain Article Was Prompted by An Email From Unemployed Hospice Chaplain

In A chaplain job search, if you meet the requirements for chaplain certification through chaplain training, your chances for employment as a chaplain increase.

I recently received a letter from a hospice chaplain who had some unique challenges in his chaplain job search. I thanked him for writing me as he searched for a chaplain position.

He had lost his hospice chaplain job and was finding the chaplain employment process quite frustrating because he lacked the basic requirements.

Lacking were chaplain certification and other chaplain training deficiencies, specifically the requirement of having a masters degree in divinity or a masters degree in pastoral counseling.

The truth is that he was seeking a hospice chaplain job and asked me if I could direct him to a chaplain job opportunity.

Chaplain Employment Process Frustrations

There were barriers he had not counted on in his chaplain job search that were making him unemployable as a chaplain:

  • It appeared he lacked chaplain certification by any of the professional chaplain associations. In telling people how to become a chaplain, I emphasize that chaplain training through clinical pastoral education is the key to a successful job search in the chaplain employment process.
  • He was stymied as most chaplain job opportunities stated that a chaplain candidate needed a Masters of Divinity degree or an equivalent, such as Masters of Pastoral Counseling or Masters of Theology.

That he had already been a chaplain and had been employed for a time as a hospice chaplain made his chaplain job search even more frustrating. Now he was facing the fact that he lacked the basic educational requirement for healthcare chaplain employment -- a master of divinity degree.

In The Process Of How To Become A Chaplain, Understand The Basic Requirements

Since not every employer of chaplains requires a masters degree in divinity or theology, I began the process of exploring basic requirements in the chaplain job listings.

As I research chaplaincy career requirements, I hope to share my chaplain research in several ways.

  • First is a possible website focusing specifically on pursuing a chaplain career. There seems to be great interest on this present site by those seeking to change careers with a ministry focus.
  • Second is writing a self published how to book on -- you guessed it -- How To Become A Chaplain.
  • Of course, as this chaplain career article reveals, I plan to continue adding viable website content to this ministry focused website, helping pastors change careers when they experience pastor burnout. Career change for pastors takes place every day simply because pastors wish to explore other ministry career opportunities.

Increase Your Chances For Being Hired In Your Chaplain Job Search

So in your search for chaplain employment opportunities, whether it is for a hospice chaplain job, a healthcare chaplain job, or even for a military chaplain job, you need to fulfill the basic requirements for chaplain certification by meeting the basic chaplain training requirements.

Yes, obtaining professional chaplain certification does take time and money, but doing so is far cheaper than not having a job because you lack it.

Meet the basic requirements for chaplain employment, a masters degree, clinical pastoral education (CPE)leading to chaplain certification, to increase your chances of being hired as a chaplain.