Christian Dating Resources Give You Answers From A Christian Perspective

"Christian dating resources and Christian matchmaking resources should make your Christian dating full of special memories rather than heart break and regret.

Dating Resources Online

Exploring dating resources from a Christian perspective means you want solid, practical answers to your questions about love and dating, but answers that lead to relationship choices without regret.

As they began their new careers, the Christian singles I worked with had so many questions about dating relationships.

Many should have focused on a dating resource that give solid answers from a Christian perspective, rather than turning to dating and romance sites that often offer advice counter to their core Christian beliefs.

In my role as a healthcare chaplain I often overheard conversations from my single co-workers as they talked about their dating frustrations.

Confessing how they listened to the wrong voices, they voiced how the dating advice they received caused a lot of inner pain and regret.

Christian Dating Frustrations And Challenges

I remember at a company employee recognition luncheon I had the unique honor of sitting at a table with mostly young single women.

Of course, they decided it was their task to find out just how committed I was to confidentiality as they freely talked about their dating frustrations and challenges. Kind of a crusade to make the Chaplain blush.

The conversation involved their dating frustrations with a particular internet dating service. To me, this is a new phenomena in relationship building, so all I know about online dating services are the dating ads I see as I watch TV.

What I did learn from listening to the stories from these hopeful singles is that internet dating and online dating is a relational landmine that often explodes on the journey of life, especially for those whose hope was eventually to have a Christian marriage.

Heartbreaking Story Regarding Online Dating Service Experiences

It seems that each of my young single friends had a heartbreaking story to share regarding their experience with their online dating service experiences.

In contrast to all of those dating site horror stories, I have met several whose experience with dating sites has been positive.

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Christian Dating Resources: Consider A Christian Dating Service

eHarmony was not one of the dating websites mentioned by my young single friends. Perhaps it was because their focus at that particular time was not on pleasing God in their dating.

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In their role as matchmaker, eHarmony focuses on christian dating as a Christian dating service.

Just remember that not even a Christian dating site can guarantee that your heart will not be broken. Yet because their focus is on helping Christian singles find life long love, my single co-workers would have been better off choosing eHarmony for their Christian dating resources.

Christian Dating Resources Written From Your Perspective Could Be A Best Seller

What could you write from your experiences to add to Christian dating resources? Think about producing Christian matchmaking resources through a website or through writing your own ebook. Focus on topics such as careers for singles or products for singles.