Christian Debt Counseling Offers Christian Debt Solutions That Leads To Living Debt Free

"Christian Debt Counseling, Providing Christian Debt Solutions, is Both A Financial Service And A Career With Financial Purpose."

Christian Debt Counseling Defined

When it comes to helping others discover debt relief, a Christian debt counselor will have a mindset based on Biblical principles, enabling people of faith to align themselves with God's will concerning finance and wealth.

I use the term "Christian" as those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came into our world to provide us with the gift of both eternal life and abundant life.

Hopefully it is both the counselor and the debtor who identify themselves as Christians.

The primary purpose of Christ coming into this fallen world was to die for our sins, not to fix our financial situations.

Yet it was the Lord Himself who spoke often about being set free from bondage. I believe it is well within the Christian belief system to include our personal finances under the Lordship of Christ.

In addition to the people involved being Christians, the content of the financial guidance will ring true with God's financial principles revealed throughout scripture.

In Need Of Finding Christian Debt Solutions

Now let me say again in reference to our personal financial situation, Christian debt counseling was something we desperately needed.

The truth is that we had made some very unwise financial decisions after moving to San Diego. (OK, I admit it, we had a lifetime record of poor financial habits!)

To say it bluntly, convinced home ownership was a financial necessity, we allowed a Christian Realtor to convince us to buy a house in 2005 with no money down, using a sub-prime, interest-only loan to do so. Need I say more?

Please understand it was our decision to do this and I do not blame others for our financial choices. Confessing and admitting personal responsibility is crucial to becoming financially debt free.

By owning our financial decisions rather that seeing ourselves as the victims of others is crucial to controlling our financial destiny.

To help you see our need for finding Christian answers to our debt problem, let me just say that the real estate bubble had finally burst here in San Diego and with it, our mortgage payments eventually rose to $4900 per month.

Think of it, paying close to $60,000 per year interest only on a house that was depreciating quickly, once the downturn in Southern California housing prices began.

I know that some of you reading this article have experienced the same financial pressures, perhaps worse when you add in enormous student loans, the purchase of a car or two, which you probably also financed.

To compound you desperate financial situation, because of being so financially extended, you even convinced yourself to starting living on credit cards, just to survive.

I will speak only for myself in admitting financial mess was our doing, not God's. How many times do people blame God for letting them experience the consequences of poor financial decisions? I know I certainly have, but then that is why we need Christian debt counseling.

So if you too agree that your desperate money problems are due to your own unwise financial choices like was true for us, join us in confessing to God whatever sins lead to your personal financial bondage, which for us included the sins of greed and selfishness.

Hopefully you are above all this. Yet for us, to buy a house for over $500,000 with the idea we could do so with no money down, and then expect it to appreciate before we refinanced was not only stupid, it was a financial decision based on greed. Now some good financial news!

God's Grace Covers Financial Messes

I want to remind you that God's grace, mercy, and forgiveness applies to every area of our lives and that includes the financial debt disasters we make for ourselves.

Thus it is that I believe Christian financial debt counseling will be permeated with reminders that God loves us and has a wonderful plan for our financial lives. That is what makes financial debt counseling Christian, an emphasis on God's wonderful grace, mercy and forgiveness.

That said, make sure to investigate anyone who offers Christian counseling for poor financial choices. Why? Chasing after what you assume is a quick fix financially just might lead to another poor financial choice.

You want to change your money mindset to align with God's financial principles, which means more than just becoming debt free. Why not make choices to build wealth, based on Biblical principles? Seek Christian Debt Counseling.

Christian Debt Solution Discovery

One of the best discoveries I found to get out of debt was launching my own website business, building this career theme focused website.

While certainly not a get rich quick scheme permeating the internet at these times of extreme financial pressure, I have build a home based internet business with Christian values that now pays our present housing costs each month.

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