Christian Life Coaching Begins With Foundational Coach Training

Life Coaching Is A Viable Need Meeting Career To Consider

Consider A Christian Life Coaching Career As You Change Career Direction

Life coaching is a viable ministry career option for those in ministry thinking of changing their career direction. Most life coaches and career coaches have made a career transition themselves to become a professional life coach or certified career coach.


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While career coaching or life coaching is a life preparation function most parents are involved in throughout the life of one's child -- including coaching adult children -- becoming a life coach is a purposeful career needing specialized training for greatest effectiveness.

Faith Based Life Coach: Coaching From A Christian Perspective

The Foundational Coach Training for Christian Counselors is a tremendous way to expand your ministry. You will find that Life Coach Training from a Christian perspective is perfect for those wanting to become life coaches or career coaches as a Viable Coaching Ministry.

For those interested in expanding ministry (a more accurate term than leaving ministry), you will discover that Foundational Christian Coach Training is uniquely designed to help those interested in starting a life coaching career or other fields of coaching to do so quickly.

Pastors Leaving Ministry Should Consider Christian Coaching

At least that is how some see pastors leaving ministry. I have a far different perspective about ministry careers.

What some refer to as "leaving ministry" I see as expanding ministry. Professional life coaching is indeed a Christian ministry career that is both a people focused ministry and a need meeting business.

To say that pastors leaving ministry to become a life coach fails to see just how much Christian life coaching is a specialized ministry. In fact, the Christian professional coach can be transitioned from any career background.

But there is no need for those who change careers to professional Christian life coaching to leave the ministry in order to do career coaching or life coaching.

The truth is most pastors and chaplains do life coaching in the course of their professional ministry duties.

Teaching Life Coaching From A Christian Faith Basis

The Christian Life Coach Curriculum is especially geared to those wanting to provide coaching from a Christian faith basis. This faith based career coaching program is designed to equip "Christians with a people-helping background to move from a professional, pastoral or lay counseling practice into coaching in the shortest amount of time possible".

Because of a demand for a Christian coaching approach, The Christian Coaching Track evolved out of the many requests from those exploring life coaching profession seeking a faith model of career coach training and life coach training.

Those requests prompted the creation of the Christian Coaching Track that integrates principles of Judeo-Christian theology, ministry of the Holy Spirit, and is also solidly grounded in Scripture.

While the this faith based coaching course includes the same coaching curriculum covered in the regular foundational coaching program offered by the Institute for Life Coach Training, including coaching textbooks and the coaching student manual, the unique aspects of faith are added.

Coaching Curriculum Taught By Professional Christian Life Coaches

Authenticity to the Christian Coach Program is further seen in that the class is taught by members of the Christian Coaching Network.

Designed for those counselors or therapists who identify themselves as Christian, the course is geared to prepare life coaches whose Christian beliefs are a major part of their approach.

The Christian track is facilitated by Christopher McCluskey, founder of Coaching for Christian Living and Judy Santos, founder of the Christian Coaches Network.

This Christian life coach curriculum develops personal life coaching skills for the Christian career change coach, helping the launch of a successful Christian life coaching business.

For further information go to the Institute for Life Coach Training Website and click on the menu item Courses.