Christian Life Coaching

Consider A Christian Life Coaching Career

Life coaching is a viable ministry career option for those in ministry who are thinking of changing their own career direction. Most life coaches and career coaches have made a career transition themselves to become a professional life coach or certified career coach. 

While there are certified life coaching programs that you can pursue, there are also communities of like-minded career changers who provide Christian life coaching to each other.

By the way, if you should establish your Christian Coaching career, guiding those seeking your expertise to viable financial endeavors will be the focus of your employment advice.

While career coaching or life coaching is a life preparation function most parents are involved in throughout the life of one's child -- including coaching adult children -- becoming a life coach is a purposeful career choice that is very rewarding.

Life Coaching From A Christian Perspective

Christian coaching is a tremendous way to expand your ministry. You will find that Christian Financial Coaching is a Viable Coaching Ministry.  One of the best Faith-based Coaches is Jim Cockrum who introduces the Proven Amazon Course as a viable career choice for those wanting to release their entrepreneurial potential by funding ministry through an Amazon based business. 

As someone interested in expanding ministry (a more accurate term than leaving ministry), you will discover that many on Jim Cockrum's Silent Sales Team are themselves people who were  interested in starting a life coaching career and found that they could do so by joining this supportive community of Christian entrepreneurs.

Pastors Leaving Ministry Should Consider Christian Coaching

While some use the term pastors leaving ministry,  I have a far different perspective about changing one's ministry career.

What some refer to as "leaving ministry" I see as "expanding ministry". Professional life coaching is indeed a Christian ministry career that is both a people focused ministry and a need meeting business. Yet there are many whose Christian life coaching career is one of example, not professional certification.

To say that pastors leaving ministry to become a life coach fails to see just how much Christian life coaching is a specialized ministry opportunity.  

But there is no need for those who change careers to professional Christian life coaching to leave the ministry in order to do career coaching or life coaching.

The truth is most pastors and chaplains do life coaching in the course of their professional ministry duties. People constantly seek my advice even as a retired pastor as to what career option they should pursue.

Christian Life Coaching From A Faith Basis

Life-coaching from a Christian faith basis explores more than just helping people change careers. Offering advice on strengthening marriages, improving finances, and deepening faith commitments is the focus of life coaches. 

Those wanting to change careers need a faith model of career coach training and life coach training that will lead them into a lucrative profession. 

Learning how to earn an income that also enables them to fund their ministry is what the Proven Amazon Course is all about.  I would encourage you to check it out and see if this unique entrepreneurial approach would fit you as you endeavor to serve the Lord through selling on the Amazon platform.