Christian Camp Jobs and Summer Camp Jobs

Christian Camp Jobs Much More Than Summer Camp Counselor Jobs

Whenever Christian Camp jobs are the topic of conversation, many think that it refers only to counselor jobs.

If you are one who has limited Christian camp employment opportunities I have some good news for you. The truth is that Christian camping offers a wide array of not only summer jobs but many camp ministry positions.

Christian Camp Jobs Provide Purposeful
Opportunities To Make A Difference

Christian camp jobs and Christian Colleges and Universities often go together when it comes to summer camp counselor jobs.

Christian camp recruiters find some of their best camp counselors on recruiting trips to Christian colleges.

Christian Camp Jobs Abound

Summer camp jobs, often seen simply as summer employment for college students, encompasses much more.

While Christian camp job opportunities are often viewed as summer camp jobs, you would do well to think in terms of a possible Christian camping career, not simply a temporary summer job.

Because camping has long been considered one of the most effective ways to impact youth, the demand for willing employees is high, especially jobs at summer camps.

There are camping experiences centered on literally hundreds of life skills as well as special interests, such as sports camps for as many sporting events you can imagine. There are camps that focus on horsemanship, music camps, sport camps, computer camps, and even entrepreneurial camps.

To add to the summer camp mix, there are day camps, resident camps, travel camps, conference centers, retreat centers, outdoor centers, which simply means there are thousands of summer camp jobs available.

Seasonal Summer College Job Opportunities

Because Christian Camps need seasonal and part-time employees to assist in serving the needs of their campers, Christian camps actively recruit potential summer camp workers from Christian colleges and universities.

For example, Hume Lake Christian Camps hires summer camp employees to serve the needs of over 50,000 conferees every year.  While she was a college student, our daughter worked her summer camp job for 2 seasons.

During those two summer, she joined 350 other college aged students working a summer camp job, filling various capacities in the unique ministry of Christian Camping.

Now that is just one camp. There are thousands of camping employers throughout the world offering camping employment opportunities.

Christian Camp Jobs In Faith Based Camps

She chose this summer camp job for several reasons. First of all was the opportunity to serve God in the unique setting of Christian camping.

Many college students feel called to youth ministry and Christian camping is a tremendous way to fulfill that calling. If I were exploring a ministry career, I would consider working summer camp jobs at Christian camps to develop people skills while working with some of the great Christian youth leaders in the world today.

Another reason she chose to work in summer camps was that, while the pay was low, there was little time or opportunity to spend the money she did earn. She banked most of her summer camping job earnings so that it was available to help pay her college expenses when her college classes began in the fall.

Summer Camp Jobs Often Lead To Full Time Camping Careers

After working summer camps jobs 2 seasons while in college, our daughter was offered a full time position at the same camp following graduation. College graduates are hired to be supervisors in the many camping jobs that exist.

Because of their year round conference and camping schedule, many Christian Camps offer full time camping career opportunities to work in various job classifications.

Summer camps are just one of the seasonal camping options within a camps annual offerings, so that leaves three other seasons of the year for camping jobs to be filled. Many of the organizations that offer Christian camp jobs host summer camps also offer adult conferences in addition to camps for children and youth.

For example, Hume Lake Christian Camp, like many Christian conference centers, needs full-time employees year round.

For those considering a career change, a Christian camping career is an exciting ministry career with purpose. Hume Lake Christian Camp employs over 100 full-time employees who see their work as a full time ministry career.

Finding Summer Camp Jobs

The internet is a tremendous summer camp job resource with literally thousands of job opportunities available. While each camp may have a camping website, a great resource of Christian Camp Jobs is the Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA).

Today, CCCA is the largest of 18 autonomous associations on six continents. Included are most major church denominations and para church organizations, as well as many nationally recognized youth and adult ministries.

Every year, nearly eight million people are involved in the programs of CCCA member camps and conferences. Summer camp jobs in Christian camps exist to meet the camp programs offered to 120,000-plus churches in America that are served by CCCA member organizations.

Those interested in Christian Camp Jobs can explore the camp job offerings on the CCCA Whiteboard.