Church Pastors,
If Facing Pastor Burnout,
Need Words Of Encouragement

Church Pastors Need Encouragement

Church pastors need to be encouraged more than we realize. Today, more than ever, churches need to offer words of encouragement to our pastors. 

Yes, I know that often we think we need to give tangible gifts to lift the spirit of a discouraged spiritual shepherd.

If you need to do so, here is a link to a great resource:

Give Christian Gifts of Encouragement from DaySpring

Encouraging Your Pastor Verbally

The Power Of Words

Words are so powerful in either encouraging or discouraging those they are spoken to. 

Let me suggest that you measure your words as to the impact they will have.

Even a question with just the wrong inflection can wound the spirit of those in your world.

I know good-hearted people whose verbal patterns inflict judgment and condemnation, especially for a pastor needing to hear at least one word of encouragement.

Guard Your Humor

I for one need to guard my humor because often there is a "barb" that makes a statement humorous, yet, unfortunately, has the capacity to wound the spirit, even when the "victim" laughs with the rest of us.

Just because everyone has a good laugh, humor can inflict harm. I often ask God to "sanctify my humor", so that it will lift up, not tear down, others.

Write A Letter Of Encouragement

OK, most of us communicate through email, texting, or social media. The idea is to express a positive message to uplift the spirit of your pastor.

If you can, write a poem for pastors, letting them know through verse, how much you appreciate them for serving the Lord. 

I am amazed at how many people find this website by entering terms such as pastor appreciation poems or pastor appreciation poetry. Perhaps there is far more interest in expressing encouragement through poetry than I realize.

There is one source of Christian poems most of us already have -- our church hymnal. 

Have A Reputation For Being An Encourager

After all, you will have a reputation for something, so make it positive. In the church world there are gripers, complainers, whiners, and other negative folk whose reputation is that of causing disruption and discouragement. 

My challenge to you is that you become known in your circle of influence as an encourager, a positive voice to lift people up. 

So make this as an affirmation you say to yourself: "I love giving encouragement to pastors, doing so however I can".

Remember good ole Barney?  I am referring to Barnabas in the Book of Acts, who is described as the "son of encouragement". I, too, would love to have a reputation as someone who lifts the spirits of those around me.

Join me in giving words of encouragement to our church pastors however we can do so.

So here it is again, DaySpring as a resource for encouraging our church pastors:

Gifts of Encouragement For Discouraged Pastors