Church Without You...


Kayla Suiter (Chesapeake, OH)

"Church Sign Communicates One Key To Church Growth"

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Church Sign Saying Focuses On Key Church Ingredient

LED church signs take short unique messages to make a point. Thanks Kayla for this challenging church message that people are what makes church be what God intended, people just like you and me.

What is missing in...

CH _ _ CH?


Church Sign Saying Prompts Comment From The Editor

My wife says my harping on the incorrect usage of the word church is a hobby horse I need to quit riding.

But if those of us who are the church cannot get the meaning right, how do we expect anyone else to use the word church correctly? Even messages on LED church signs can help me ride again.

Church Sign Message Declares Fundamental Truth

Yes, the simple truth is that You Are (UR) the church. Thanks, again, Kayla for reminding us that the church is people, God's called out ones, forgiven fallen folk, joining together to share Jesus with other fallen folk.

Simple Church Sign Challenges Us To Correctly Use The Word Church

Since UR -- You Are -- is the key to correctly making CH _ _ CH be CHURCH, this simple church sign entry challenges us to use the word church correctly, rather than how it is usually used, as a reference to the building., Your Christian Products Store

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