Clinical Pastoral Education Through HCMA


Galen (Sapulpa, Oklahoma) needs:

Healthcare Chaplain Information On Other Options for Clinical Pastoral Education

Regarding Clinical Pastoral Education, what about HCMA (Healthcare Chaplains Ministry Association) as a resource for chaplain certification?

They also offer a 1200 hour chaplain career training program. I have completed the first unit and work part time as a volunteer. It seems CPE is more popular. What is the "statement of faith" for CPE?

I believe you are referring to the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education when you say CPE. Yet CPE refers to a unique learning process and both organizations offer CPE or what is called Clinical Pastoral Education.

I believe the HCMA approach is specifically Christian and is more of a mentoring program in its educational approach.

HCMA or Healthcare Chaplains Ministry Association is described as a non-sectarian, non-profit professional chaplaincy organization that recruits, trains, certifies and encourages Christian Chaplains to serve in healthcare facilities (both acute and long term care) as well as hospice programs worldwide.

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