College Education And Impact of Social Class


Francisco Maldonado

"College education is a priority and key to improving my social class."

College Education And Social Class

In the context of college education, social class is a topic I want to address because there is so much diversity in our country today that almost everyone has been affected.

Here in America, you are usually placed in a social class based on how much you make, your level of education, and your occupation.

That means that over time, you are automatically placed in a social class based on your race, income, and/or wealth.

Social class makes a vital difference in our society because it can limit your education and career opportunities for your future. Social class is a major part to American culture; you can’t neglect it, but you can only move up or down in class.

College Degree My Goal

Social class has affected me any many ways, but one particular way it has affected me was attending college.

You see, I come from Camden, a city that is very low in income, education, and with many limitations as to what you are able to achieve.

Ever since my mother enrolled me in elementary school, college has been instilled strongly in my mind.

The ability to go to college was my central focus, and my social class limited me to pursuing a higher education. I was able to receive a college education through the EOF program, and I haven’t taken it for granted.

Social class has made a difference in my life because it limited me to what I can do, but through hard work, I will go farther in life.

For anyone in America, social class is very important because you can’t decide how your life will turn out, you can only improve it.

I want to set an example for anyone who thinks they won’t make it in life because of the social class they are in.

Social class is just another bump on the road to when everyone will have equal opportunities.

Chaplain Paul's Response

Thanks Francisco for telling your College Is Important story.

A great resource for exploring online college programs is below, and just may be the key to unlock the barriers to college education for someone else:

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