College Is The Future

by Jashanti', who shares her thoughts on the importance of a college education degree

(Why I believe a college education degree is important .)

College Is Important For The New Generations

Did you know only 76% of high school graduates go to college?

Well, most of the students can’t afford college because it’s too expensive.

I believe everyone should be eligible to go to college. I also think that attending college should be free to everyone who wants to get a college education degree.

A College Education Helps You Achieve Goals

Without college you can’t become a lawyer, doctor, and other higher paying professions.

Everyone should have a chance to accomplish their big goals in life.

Going to college might be one of their goals but not everyone can make it even with scholarships and most people don’t have the money.

You Have More Opportunities When You Go To College

A good education benefits a person in many ways. Going to college provides you with knowledge and experience you can’t get when you’re in secondary school.

College can pay off for years to come. You can change the world in many ways if you get a college education degree.

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